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      What the heck is happening to our world. The physical environment, global human mass consciousness and personal mental health all appear to be in turmoil. The human condition, the condition of global finances, the earth's climate and torrents as well as the solar system have entered a bewildering period which unfortunately has many people living in fear of never returning to a perceived state of 'normal'. Quantum physicists have labeled this period the "Big Shift". The metaphysical community are calling it the "Grand Awakening" and other like terms. We can also think of it as the "Greatest Show on Earth".

      The transition of the "Shift" has been in progress and gaining momentum since about 1998. The earth has entered a cleansing mode where all aspects of 3rd dimensional life is now in an evolving process as never before experienced by this or any past civilization on earth. And there have been more than a few previous highly developed civilizations here on terra firma prior to ours. What is evolving will not be the end of the world or the human species. But we do need to be aware of and accepting of natural earth events as they unfold. By understanding a number of factors both natural as well as man made we can then use that information to actively access our higher awareness/abilities. A strong point to remember is that we all are incarnate at this time to evolve to a higher consciousness.

      Many attempts are being made to suppress our naturally expanding awareness to prevent our success in making it through this period of evolution. Fear is the primary tool used to keep humanity from knowingly participating. Those controlling the fear machine are often referred to as 'The Powers That Be', the 'elite', the 'illuminati', the 'dark side' and other such lofty labels. Fear has motivated and de-motivated the masses for thousands of years because it works so easily and so well. Fear prevents the mind from accessing the tranquil mental state required for attaining inner peace which serves as the gateway to enlightenment. Remaining in fear guarantees awarreness an impossible goal to achieve. When we understand how the mass media serves for our unending suppression we can then make better choices to align with the "Shift" without fear but with an educated anticipation.

      Much doom and gloom surrounded the end of the Mayan Calendar and December 21,2012. The Powers That Be through their control of mass media tools waltzed much of the public into a frenzy but December passed like a distant ship on quiet ocean night. Great fear was generated but for what purpose? Always watch both hands of a magician. As one hand performs the trick the other is doing something you never even noticed.

      This site is an ongoing project to assemble information from many diverse sources and perspectives focusing on how manipulating forces are attempting to deprive us of our birthright. It is dedicated to shedding light on the agenda of control over how we live, think, and eat. The information is for both the newly curious and those who already have an interest in these matters. The intent is to provoke an expanding education and not be a final stop in your own research. Previously hidden information is surfacing every day but you must be willing to look, process what is available and discern what is 'your' truth.

      I update the site as time allows and meaningful material becomes available. On the 'This Just In' page are the most recent updates which may be of interest to you. I invite submissions of related information from readers like yourself for possible inclusion pending their appropriateness.

      Enjoy the ride,
      Alan Drobnak

      P.S. Just in case you were wondering, 'yayas' in a number of primitive cultures means 'elevated spirit'.