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I hope the links here remain active for a long time. If they do not work, it is because the original host as dropped the article from their archives. Good luck and stay informed.

The Gulf of Mexico is Dying
I believe this headline may be a little conservative. Just the same, the information in the text
will keep you up to date with what is really below the waves in the Gulf and creating havoc.

Disconnect Your Computer. Now!(?)
A rather alarmist headline but the info contained there in may be something you want to consider
as we head into a new year which will be full of surprises. As is well known, the best defense
is a good offense.

Mood Food - Boost Serotonin Levels With Natural Treatments
Insufficient serotonin levels in our bodies have been known for a while now to be one of the sources
of poor mental health and depression. Here are a few things to consider to maintain our sense of
level 'headedness'. Just some food for thought.

Bank Of America, Wikileaks And Eric Holder,
What The U.S. Attorney General Doesn't Want You To Know
The 'skinny' on the mojo wire says the Wiki-boy will be dropping a load shortly after the New Years
celebrations are over. More than a few people may be in the 'party-pooper' frame of mind with the
anticipation of this hanging over their head, or is around their necks. Either way, you will not
be able to tell the players without a score card so 'bone up' on the cast of characters before the
opera begins, the fur is about to fly.

Space Weather: Forecasters Keep Eye On Looming 'Solar Max'
This article should be considered as a light 'primer' of what is to come. In fact, the solar activity
during 2012 will indeed knock out one or a few of the major grids of the USA and other nations
around the globe an extended period of time. And not on just one occasion either. The message
here is to, as I have been told, have at least 30 days of food and water stored for these shall
we say 'inconveniences' to our daily life. Don't look at this in fear but do go about preparing
for when these events arrive so you will be able to have comfort in knowing you are ready. I
provided a number of resources for such planning under the 'Products' section on this sites
menu bar.

High Fructose Corn Syrup - Two reasons to avoid this Corn Sugar
Bet there is some info you didn't know about HFCS. One of the side effects not mentioned here is
how it also dramatically contributes to depression if you have any tendencies towards that
condition. Try removing all soft drinks with HFCS and processed sugars from your diet and
feel the difference. I did and I can attest it very truly made a difference in my personal

Free Hugs In Sondrio, Italy
A very nice short video worth your viewing. It is set to the music of one of my favorite songwriters,
Leonard Cohen. The song Hallelujah is beautifully performed by Alexandra Burke. Thank you Hossca for
sharing this with all of us. A great big hug goes out to you from all of us around the world.

The Oil Slick BP Tried To Hide Has Been Discovered
The disaster that just keeps on giving. Now that we know the gulf stream is severely damaged I will
return to posting updates to the situation under the waves in the Gulf of Mexico. This situation
should have the attention of everyone on the planet. But since Obama said "buy more seafood" and
"come on down for a vacation", it has been swept from the minds of the mass consciousness. What
is happening here, to my sensibilities, is on a par with the most heinous of war crimes. It is
a crime against the very life of the planet and humanity.

The Bomb Shell Truth About Canola Oil
Another insight to our food(?) industry. Guess what's coming off my grocery list permanently. Thank
you Dick for sharing this with us.

Seven-Month-Old Babies Can 'Read Minds'
Science is starting to grasp what many of us have know for a while. The new children will set the
world on its collective ear. This is just the tip of the iceberg for what they will achieve. We are
the ones we have been waiting for but these new kids will have powers beyond the comprehension of
our wildest dreams. Read more about the 'Rainbow' kids on this site under the menu button
'Power to the People.'

200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes
Very interesting demonstration of trend analysis. You don't need to be a number cruncher to appreciate
this round up of history. Pay particular attention to the countries who lag behind and then question
how may they may move forward to a higher standard of life.

The 'train wreck' oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has served to trigger even greater devastation
to the earths health. A few of today's articles address this topic because the Powers That Be have
forced a tipping point of proportions even they may have not have known the ramifications of. The
earth is a living organism and it will take the steps needed to protect itself from human
indiscretions. We are only guest here on this Eden planet and the lease for many of us may
be up for renewal. Thank you Carolyn for sharing this link with all of us.

Expanded information pertaining to the unfolding health of the earth which you most likely will not
see as truthfully discussed on the propaganda mill of the popular corporate media.

The Gulf Stream Has Stopped: By John R. Moore
Text information by one of the people interviewed in the two above links. The earth is not seeking
revenge from what humans have done to her. The earth is simply protecting itself and nothing more.
For a very long time the earth has adjusted itself to withstand human abuses and now it needs to
preserve its own life by putting the needed changes into place. We may be in for a pretty bumpy
ride and very rude awakening.

The Real Dirt On Farmer John
I'd like to suggest your renting/downloading a movie from 2006 of the title in the headline above.
The film is one farmers story of his struggles to maintain his identity and purpose as a human being.
If you are interested in honest organic foods and the 'growing' movement in their local accessibility
this film is for you. People who recognize the importance of organic foods are forming groups all
across America and the world. This film will entertain and perhaps inspire you to take action for
your own well being. The first link below is to the films subject farm. The second link is to a
resource where you can locate a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm in the USA.
I do not have a resource link for other countries at this time. If you do please pass
them on to me and I'll post them here to share.
Eat well, stay healthy and learn more.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah To All
My best wishes go out to all people and especially those who are on their path to higher
consciousness. Please have joyful, safe and memorable experiences these days and nights
of our festive season. We should all take comfort in knowing we are the 'good guys' here
and share what we've come to understand that others may also rise above the challenges.
I'll return to updating this page after the weekend.
Catch you later,
alan drobnak

The ‘Repo-Demo’ Party’s Three Phase Austerity Plan for America
I am ashamed to say I am of the same generational 'age' as these greedheads in Washington. It is
as though their Reptilian minds are circling the wagons in a final effort to protect their wealth.
Try as they might, their's is a triumph only on the surface moment. We should all take this insight
in stride and know their time of mongering is drawing to a close. Greed is not on my Christmas list,
is it on yours?

Scientists Find Evidence For 'Chronesthesia,' Or Mental Time Travel
A long time ago the band Moody Blues sang the lyrics, ". . Thinking is the best way to travel . . "
Well, it looks like science has finally caught up with the idea. Interesting article addressing the
uncharted abilities of our minds. Happy trails.

WikiLeaks And The Fight For Privacy
Clear case of the pot calling the kettle black. Also, another old saying comes to mind, "do unto
others as you would have them do unto you." This is a smoke and mirror opera of the grandest
proportions and most people don't have a clue of the deception at hand. Create a problem,
lead the public to believe there is a boogieman in the bushes, then tighten the screws of
free speech over the masses and make them believe they are safer. Works every time.

Fear is the Font of Courage
Sage advice as we move forward towards the new year. I often address how the mental state of fear
immobilizes or fosters irrational thought processes. It is almost that time to make our annual New
Years resolutions to ourselves. May I suggest not forgetting to include banishing fear from your mind
this next year. It just may serve as one the keys in your growing enlightenment.

Dirty Electricity - Rays Of Rash
Thought you might save a buck on your utility bill and do your part for the environment?
Guess again. This report may surprise you and may be the answer to some additional health
problems. Thank you Carolyn for sharing this with all of us.

GMO Speaker And Activist Training With Jeffrey Smith, A Webinar Course In 4 sessions
If you are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore then here is an opportunity to join a
worthwhile crusade which will make a difference not only to you own health but the common
good of all life on earth.

FCC Breaks Obama's Promise On Net Neutrality: 3 things You Need To Know
These are darkening days for free speech in America and around the world. It is well known when
you can control any communications medium which distributes information among people you have
then created isolation and inability for them to act as a group in the interest of the common good.
This is what is at the core of the actions taken today. During the Third Reich in Germany Hitler
did the same thing with radio and newspapers on his path of fascism. If you don't step up now and
help in voicing your disgust then we will all suffer as one. Get involved.

More, Adventures In Future Viewing
Another dispatch from Clif High's linguistic time machine. Interesting commentary on what may be on
the horizon but I wouldn't set my clock to it, if you know what I mean. Just the same, flip on your
'brights' and keep these pearls on your radar. Thank you Linda for passing this one along.

CIA Officer Explains New World Order's Demise
Robert D. Steel is a guy who's been there and done that. Now he is sharing what he knows is behind the
curtain, and it is not as big and well run as the PTB want us to think it is. Again, propaganda by the
PTB's has kept us idle and docile in standing up for our what is in our best interest. This one echos
the old phrase "Power to the People."

US Threatened ‘Retaliation’ To Bully EU Into Accepting Biotech Crops
Food espionage is what this amounts to. Wikileaks has dumped this little gem on the world. This just
takes the US one step lower on the food chain of benevolence. Sad commentary but insightful to what
lengths Monsanto will go to force its will on the people of the world. This is food war fare and
you and me are the cannon fodder.

Airports Urged To Overhaul Security System
The heat is on and the TSA will turn the screws tighter. Pistole said, "he hopes to move to a more intelligence-based system but that the previous attacks could never be ignored." There is a face scanner in consideration which will reveal if you are a terrorist at 'heart' or will it reveal you just didn't get enough sleep that morning, we'll see how this one plays out. In the end, more passenger data is what they want in order to target anyone they decide does not fit their sheeple profile. I say stay off the planes and enjoy the drive if you possibly can.

New Solar Observation Site
This site was broken last week. Now I understand it has been repaired. The images are pretty incredible
and during this period of wild activity on the sun I thought you might like to have a front row seat to
see what may be coming our way. Than you Bob Z for sharing this with us.

Big Mojo Going On Today and Tomorrow
Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, & Solstice, 12/20-21/2010
Please listen to this radio interview with Linda Masterson. What we do during today and
tomorrow WILL pave the way for our further enlightenment in the days and months as we go
forward. "The geometry and symbology of this event is extremely complex and profound.
Frankly, I find MUCH more potential in this event than I do in the (astrological) chart
for 12/21/2012. This occasion offers great rewards and potentials to those who come to
it intentionally and prepared", Linda Masterson This is the one most important gifts we
we can 'give' to ourselves during this time of giving, don't overlook it.

Who's Who at Wikileaks?
In light of Wikileaks promise to release a bombshell during the first days of January and
the astrological signs that a major disruption is about to befall the 'society', I thought
you might like to know who the players are behind the 'Wiki-curtain'. The purpose being
when news comes forward of things coming apart at the seams we may be more able to use
discernment in judging for ourselves what is real and what is not. We live in times of
high powered propaganda where we will have to depend on our own sense of intuition.

Post-9/11 Security Zones Blight Landscape, Create 'Architecture of Fear'
Urban planning of the worst order. This is a perfect example of fear based mentality and how it is
being fed to determine how 'they' will be dressing up the fascist designed landscape to make it more
eye-appealing. Let's not deal with the core of the problem which is the propaganda machine of the
PTB, no, let's feed their machine so the suppression of the masses becomes the norm. I guess
George Orwell's book "1984" is a must read to become certified as an urban planner in this
particular school of Architecture.

A Positive Mood Allows Your Brain to Think More Creatively
This article looks at why it is important to take a break from the 'grind' and all we are being
confronted with during this time of transition. Maintaining balance is much more important now
than ever before and it just may help you find those pearls at the bottom of the ocean.

An Important Message Pertaining to 12-21-2010
As the Hopi say, "We are the ones we have been waiting for." It is up to us to hold this frequency
space ever more strongly in the face of all that is decaying around us. Thank you Mark in Slovenia
for bringing this to our attention.

Missing WikiLeaks: All Roads Lead To Tel Aviv
Leaking secrets is not new in the propaganda game. The craft masters sometimes screw up and quickly
need to erase their tracks. But the astute writer here may have smelled a rat before it crawled back
into its domain. Smells like Mossad to me.

UN Mulls Internet Regulation Options
Talk about a village of idiots. If this is where the net is going then free speech will be the
slaughtered calf. I heard part of this story on a public radio news program last night and I
have to say it reeked of lock down tactics on a global scale. This may be the next big drama
facing public scrutiny. I am sure a 'call to arms' will get all of our attention in the near
future. Makes me wonder if indeed the 'Wikileak-ing' was the intended vehicle to usher in this
next round of fascism madness.

Avoid This Type Of Water Purification
Common sense article if you do, and should, consider a home water filtration system. Your body
will be grateful you did.

Do You Know What's In Your Coffee?
A few lite points to ponder as you sip your cup of 'black power' in the morning.

Bering Sea Was Ice-Free and Full of Life During Last Warm Period, Study Finds
Everything is cyclical and the earth is no exception to a degree. Only this time the earth is
evolving into a period never ever witnessed by anyone even the earth itself. It will be a
whole new trip. We all have window seats, one way tickets and it was our choice to be here
at this time to experience this incredible journey. As Bette Davis once said in an old B&W
movie, "so buckle up, we may be in for a bumpy ride."

Hitler's Shadow Reaches Toward Today
What do Hitler, Klaus Barbie, Daddy Bush and Rev. Moon all have in common? Read this and see for
yourself. Incredible how the Bush family have been involved in so many different activities in recent
history, as though they had clone's running around doing their bidding. Insightful article about the
cocaine trade but fails to mention the Arkansas/Bill Clinton/sibling connection during the eighties.

US EPA Removes Saccharin from Hazardous Substances Listing
This proves that Monsanto, makers of Saccharin, can do as it wishes. Especially since one of its top
henchmen is in Obama's cabinet or is he behind the curtain, whatever. Now that Saccharin is off the
'potential' hazards list it will probably crawl its way into even more foods without our ever being
made aware. The second link here discusses this heinous slow killer. Knowledge is the power to make
informed choices.

What 20 Years Of Pharma Fraud Has Wrought
Think our pill pushers are ever acting in our best interest, guess again. These are some pretty
hefty numbers here. And they consider it the cost of doing business, just as the fatalities are
of those who ingest their wares.

Reality Of The Great Silver Squeeze
More precious metal revelations. Honore de Balzac, the French novelist of the 19th century, supposedly
said, "behind every great fortune is a crime". Wikileaks is scheduled to release a flood of more info
after Jan 1st and I'll bet 'dollars to doughnuts', doughnuts being the better value, that JP Morgan
will be at the center of the hoopla. This is your wake up call to obtain physical silver now, and
never be conned into accepting certificates. Thank you Linda for this article.

Julian Assange And the Computer Conspiracy; “To Destroy This Invisible Government”
Too much has already been postulated of who and why about this guy. I'll withhold my opinion on him
but am posting this informative insight to his thoughts and desires.

Genetically Modified Mosquitos
Years ago I read an article addressing how the military was developing insect warfare. Well boys and girls
those pesky creatures are ready to do the dirty business of the NWO/PTB etc. It looks like they are ready to,
or already have, taken flight. And even Bill Gates has his hands in this one.

Canadians Vote Against Fluoridated Water Supplies
Hats off to the Canadians! Their will and good common sense of the people is making a difference. The FDA
in the USA has recently recognized that sodium fluoride provides no positive effects on humans so now is
the time for every grassroots group in the country to push to remove it from our municipal waters. Get
involved with a local group or start one. There are groups forming all across the country.

Prosecuting Wall Street Fraud: The US Economy Is A Giant Ponzi Scheme
The headline says it all, the link provides the details.

The Secret Of Secrets
This is pretty insightful as to our evolution and how we are being transformed during this time.
We are on the right path but need to remember for every positive there is a reflecting negative.
Remember, the mainstream media focuses on the negative to keep us in fear and under suppression.
Never forget this. Thank you Carolyn for sending this one along.

In Flu Shot Propaganda Push, Government Starts Offering To Pay For The Jabs
Don't be fooled into saving a buck on a free shot that you will soon regret. The Powers That Be are
getting desperate to inject as many people as possible with their genocidal agenda. Caution any one
you know who may fall for this prank. In a very short while their life may depend on it.

One From The Propaganda Mill
Violent Games Not To Blame For Youth Aggression
If you create a lie and then have someone in 'position' publish it, the sheeple will believe anything.
This is how propaganda works at its finest. This article is just in time for the Christmas toy buying
season. Violent toys for children make for dedicated warriors when they grow up, if they live that long.

The Banker
A heart warming(?) fireside monologue to keep in mind during this holiday season. Seasons Greetings.

Israel General Drops Missile Defense Bombshell
Very revealing insights as to the mentality of their military machine over."The residents of Israel
shouldn't be under the illusion that someone will open an umbrella over the heads" in the event of a
massive missile and rocket attack by Israel's enemies, he declared in a speech Sunday at the University
of Haifa. And I love in the article the way he used the word "discomfort". Move over Dr. Strangelove,
there is a new boy in town. I'm sure the people of that country will sleep better at night with this
revelation. Gives a new meaning to the purpose of the military, wouldn't you say?

Had To Regroup
Those of you who regularly look here to check in on my mental gymnastics have probably noticed I
hadn't posted anything new in a while. Well, I let myself get too caught up emotionally with what
I was swimming in and needed a break to consider how it was affecting my own energetic health. I
was letting myself become a 'victim' of sorts and not practicing what I know in regards to staying
a spiritual/mental 'healthy' realm or two above the words which describe the events of our time.
These are times of High Strangeness with new heights of insanity being played out on the public
stage daily. I will be balancing my posts here with more self-enriching as well as the usual
'awakening' information that we not react in fear but with knowledge and wisdom for ourselves
and loved ones. This does not mean I am going to become more 'woowoo' going forward. I will
remain as a critical observer but I hope with more discernment. Thank you to those readers
who have contacted me in regard to my recent MIA.

What Happens When The Game Is Over
As previously posted here, the Chinese are buying up silver and gold almost as a national hobby and
are being nudged to do so by their own government. Here is an explanation of their game strategy.

Global Climate Change According To The Farsight Institute
Remote Viewing has been a part of the US military's 'black ops' since the 60's when the Russians
first started using it to spy on other nations. There is a whole floor of one wing of the Pentagon
dedicated to this practice. The Feds know what is on the horizon which may be why Denver is slated
to be the home of the 'surviving' government structure and White House. The CIA has already moved
much of its operations to Denver I guess to get in on the cheap real estate. LOL This article and
video are not from the Fed Gov but an independent research group who only utilized 'military grade'
observers in their studies. Proceed with discernment. Thank you David for sending this to my
attention that we may share this with everyone.

JP Morgan Covering Silver Short Position
To quote the words of Ralph Cramden, "To the moon Alice!" is where silver is headed. JP Morgan is
about to be served its due and no number of fingers in the dike will stop the flood. Surfs up and
everyone is invited to the party. Thank you Linda for sharing this one with all of us.

MUST WATCH: The Curious Case For $936 Ounce Silver
FYI . . An eye opener you can and may want to consider for your own financial future. Thank you
Linda for sharing this one with all of us.

New Rules: You And the IRS This January
This is what is coming down the 'pike'. There are options and you need to be a part of the solution.
don't wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting here, get involved. Thank you Carolyn for sending
this to our attention.

Facebook Intern Maps World Via Online 'Friends
I included this one for all you 'facebookies' out there. When describing your latest escapade please
keep in mind that those words are creating a psychographic profile by monitoring computers. As Kurt Vonnegut wrote, "All watched over by machines of loving grace."

Cadillac Desert Withstands The Test Of Time And Technology
Rather interesting numbers and overview of our most precious commodity. When the Powers That Be
sit down to plan this is the info they take in to consideration. Be informed and act

Geminid Meteor Shower Defies Explanation
And this is just the pre-show to what to expect during 2011 when the showers will far out number
the intensity of these. I have been told to expect somewhere in the number of 750 per hour or so.
I'm considering the purchase of a backyard telescope with perhaps a video camera attachment so we
can watch the show on the tube while lying in bed as ultimate consumers are expected to do.

WikiLeaks chief: Expect UFO Talk In Future Files
In the next short while Wikileaks will be releasing even more incredible evidence which the Powers
That Be would rather see kept under the carpet. A few people in this country are calling Assange
a traitor and should be charged with treason. The funny thing they are forgetting though is that
you need to be an American citizen for that to happen. Assange in my mind is a patriot for humanity.
In January Wikileaks will release a packet of info which is expected to have huge ramifications for
one of the the major banks in the US. JP Morgan or Bank of America are believed to be the topic
of concern.

SHOCKER: US State Department 'Cleared' The Release Of Wikileaks Documents Published So Far
A very good argument here when you consider the major media are mouthpieces for the Powers That Be.
We know this to be true and this article provides a point of view to consider as a 'propaganda blanket'
covers what is said, who says it and why. Think for yourself and believe your intuitions.

Harry Reid Says "Nothing Can Kill S.510" We Say, "WRONG, Harry!
All is not lost to Monsanto and its clout. In the end, We The People are in control and you are
needed to get behind this movement to turn this around. Sign the petition and pass this link
to everyone in your address book. It may be the best Christmas present you could ever give
to your fellow human beings.

Chinese Govt Advise Gold Buying - Why? What Is their Plan?
What is going on with this? The West is preoccupied with stocks and fiat currency while the Chinese
are acquiring hard, tangible, tradable assets. Long term goals begin to take shape when the
population believes what they are being told and this just may be a bud on the rosebush.

Obama White House Pressured Spain To Drop Bush Torture Prosecution, Leaked Cable Shows
If you or I did this we would be charged with "Aiding and Abetting" which is a felony. It will be
interesting to see how the anti-Obama crowd reacts to this when it is their cherished, "idiot son" ,
Bush which Obama was protecting. Here is the definition of "Aiding and Abetting" from the FindLaw website.
"A criminal charge of aiding and abetting or accessory can usually be brought against anyone who helps
in the commission of a crime . . . A person charged with aiding and abetting or accessory is usually not
present when the crime itself is committed, but he or she has knowledge of the crime before or after the
fact, and may assist in its commission through advice, actions, or financial support. Depending on the
degree of involvement, the offender's participation in the crime may rise to the level of conspiracy."
I smell something stinky under the Christmas Tree.

This short video pretty much sums up our state of affairs. Not only in America but for our polluted

Monsanto's Ongoing Corruption Incites Forbes' Retraction...
For Forbes to come forward and make a retraction is an attempt by them to save face. The obvious evidence
must far outweigh any lame reasoning Monsanto could put on the table.

House May Block Food Safety Bill Over Senate Error
How come it always looks darkest just before it goes to black.

War On Terror Is A Fraud
Insightful information on the Rumsfeld/Cheney colaboration during those heyday Reagan years.

The "Hi Tech" Corporate Police State: "Reengineering" the Internet ... for Persistent Surveillance
More evidence Big Brother's paranoia has grown in to a monster. Where the madness will end is anyone's guess.

American Industrialists Traded With The Nazis
If you are still in denial of this fact or would like more evidence to pass on to nonbelievers this one is
is just for you.

Hot mic catches Sen. Michael Bennet (Colo) saying lame duck agenda is "all rigged". (VIDEO)
Here it is, straight from one of our lawmakers. I voted for Bennet and this is his voice. Finally
someone has b---s to call it as it is.

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal "Profound Hatred for Democracy on the Part of Our Political Leadership"
An Interview With Noam Chomsky
Great insights to truths are being revealed at this time. Theses are very important to our understanding
how we have been hoodwinked by our leaders. Read the text or watch this video and decide for your own
comfort level and stay informed that you may make informed decisions for yourself.

TSA Scanners More Dangerous Than Admitted
One of my teachers has told us these scanners will damage our DNA. Now the scientific academic
community are confirming the same position. If you doubted this in the past, here is a more
mainstream declaration.

Quotes on the State of Vitamin D Science, Reference to IOM Report
Here is a case of a Federal Agency crafting the research for its own purpose. The IOM Report
is a sham and blatant attempt to suppress the general populations health. Read what is at the
link and learn the truth on vitamin D3. I take 5,000 IU daily and will continue everyday of
the year. It is one of our immune systems best tools in defending us from disease.

Mainstream media lies about S.510
Monsanto has won this round and it's full steam ahead for GMO's on every table. Get involved to
stop this onslaught or eat what 'they' say you are allowed to. This is your life, live like you
care about it.

Top ten lies about Senate Bill 510
More on this important subject. We are living in fearful times of High Strangeness. Our politicians
are bowing to the corrupt Cabinet members of our corporateocracy like scared sheep with little ability
to do the right thing for those who voted them into office. Each of us needs to remind them of their
responsibility to perform in the interest of We The People.

Joel Klein Of New York To Become An Executive For News Corp:
Full Spectrum Dominance Of Education The Goal
Very insightful article of how the educational system of this country is being hijacked by offshore
interests who have a less than honorable agenda. Rupert Murdoch is not a humanitarian but a globalist.
By crafting what our students are fed to learn will determine 'if' they have the mental ability to make
future decisions that are of benefit them. The populations are being 'dumbed down'. If this is not put
into check, the educated people of today just may be the high water mark of this and other countries
intellectual progress. The Powers That Be want us dumb and sickly to more easily use and eradicate us
from the planet.

The "Food Control" Bill passed to move forward 69-26 29th NOV 2010
I am not a fan of Glenn Beck's but he's right on target with this one. There is a freight train roaring
down upon us. Monsanto is at the controls and the American people are tied to the tracks. Get Involved now!

A Channeled Message From Veronica
April Crawford is a deep trance channel for Veronica. Free newsletters and inspirational quotes such
as the one below are available from the link provided. They are the 'real deal'.

Seek Your Soul
      "Often in the physical it is difficult to determine if one is evolving spiritually. Dramas
unfold causing great confusion in the hearts of those incarnate.
      In pursuit of the truth, outside linear input can often mislead those who seek a plateau of
spiritual connection. It is spirit and only spirit in harmony with you that will lead to the
advancement of your soul.
      It is important to take time in the chaos of a life to center one's perception of the self.
A quiet thought has great worth when seeking spiritual alignment. If you find yourself in a sea
of doubt or a confused arena of perspective, seek your soul. As we have said many times, it will
not abandon you... ever.
      Physical life offers opportunity to experience, but the imperfect energy can often derail
your progress. Your spiritual perspective can repair the misalignment. All one need do is step
back from the dramas and align with spirit.
      Feel the pulse of yourself and the pulse /vibration of your soul. It will make a difference.
This life is but one chapter in a novel of your evolvement. It will resolve itself if you reach
out spiritually.
      Go ahead.
      Give it a try."

The Best And Worst Vegetables to Eat
Some good and surprising information during this time of chemical warfare in our food supply.

US Government Seizure Of The Internet Has Begun; DHS Takes Over 76 Websites
Is this the beginning of our winter of discontent? If so, then it is long over due. If this article does not raise your ire then you better have your pulse checked.

Demand Progress: Stop The Internet Blacklist
The fascist grip on this country is getting firmer with each day. It is well beyond time for each of us to step up and act in a manner to preserve our freedom of speech. Sites like the one you are now on are at risk of being subjected to the gestapo tactics of the "Homeland Insecurity" Agency. Add your name to the ones who care about our freedom.

Been Served: CO Lawyer Files For Injunction Against "Cousin Janet" & TSA!
We the people are coming out of our coma and are not taking it any more. More people with the ability
and intestinal fortitude (guts) are needed to step forward like this.

Police State USA: TSA Gestapo Empire
The false fabrications of a boogieman at our every turn has enabled the fascist state of affairs we
are now witnessing. And the passiveness of the public at large has allowed this all to evolve with very
little fanfare, much like a ship passing in the night. This all must come into our experience that we see
how corrupt the old paradigm is. But we also must stay focused on the bigger picture. We indeed are living
in the 'labor pains' period, where the fat lady is singing the last chorus of her death song as she is
birthing a new age and not the one envisioned by the elites and their NWO. The elites are hanging on to
their power by their 'pinkies' and are turning up the wattage on their franken-machines. For the population
to physically take action at this time is what they are anticipating to justify their paranoia and tactics
of suppression. It us up to everyone of us to take passive resistance at every opportunity, turn off the
nightly news, opt out at the airport and support all requests for your voiced participation. WE Are The
Ones WE Have Been Waiting For!

U.S. Facing Global Diplomatic Crisis Following Massive WikiLeaks Release of Secret Diplomatic Cables
It seems mostly ridiculous as the US position as a world leader is crumbling under the release of
more incriminating materials by WikiLeaks that at the same time the fascist Goon squads are feverishly
working to lock down this countries populace by controlling what we think, say and how we go about
our business. This is not a dress rehearsal boys and girls, the beast is on the street and happy
thoughts of woowoo are not quite enough to put him back in the cave. Get proactive now, this is
your life.

A Short Story: The Favor
I was told by one of my teachers that in this life one of my roles was to be that of a writer.
I embarked to create this website and the writing of short stories based on this insight of my
souls purpose. I am offering for your consideration one of my short stories for your enjoyment.
It can be downloaded from the link below which will bring up another page on this site.

2012 Predictions (perhaps)
In my wanderlust as a crumb gatherer of new information I stumbled across this page and video. It
contains a fair amount of religious opera dogma but the magnetic info with illustrations are pretty
insightful. At the bottom of the page is the 1:30 hr video which explains quite well the current solar
activity and why it is important for us to understand this information at this time. This is not to be
taken in with fear but in knowing that we may take the proper precautions.

World Chemtrail Awareness Day
Get acquainted with others in your area and become involved in exposing the chemtrail issue. Chemical
warfare is being lodged against the human population and no one, no one is being held accountable for
this crime against humanity. This is your live and this is about the quality of your life. You deserve
to live a life free of the Dark Ones influences.

The Airport Security Solution
Only make sense to me.

Dulce: Secret Genetic Engineering Lab
This has been known for a number of years but this video may act as a primer for those who are new
to this information. The video is only short of 9 min and may serve as a point of departure in your
own research on this subject. I have been to the Dulce area and on the surface the village appears
as normal as any other northern New Mexico community or is it.

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction
Immediate gratification of completion without the understanding of content. The speed of seeing does
not equal the speed of comprehension. They are taking in information like it was junk food, full of
space but lacking in nourishment. And that is exactly how the PTB like it. Mind numbing abundance
of nothingness.

Sign the Petition to Investigate TSA Abuse of Power
I watched a (corporate) news cable channel over lunch today and the on camera personality was glowing
over how everything was flowing just beautifully at the nations airports. If this was indeed a factual
report then this is good news as I believe TSA had taken the message to heart and may be keeping their
fascist tactics in check for this holiday. But, Monday will see the groping business back in place and
we need to keep the pressure up to remove these tactics from our lives. Log on here and get on board
with the movement.

Bush Gloats Over Dan Rather's Ouster
More dribble from the idiot son. This guy just reeks of a 3rd grader and 3rd rate bully. Is this a
sign of more outrageous behavior we can expect from his ilk in the future?

Michael Moore, Wendell Potter, and the Plot to Discredit 'Sicko'
A 15 min video of Michael Moore talking with Wendell Potter who as a Big Pharma executive targeted Moore
to discredit the film and Moore's credibility. This man is no longer working for the Dark Side and is now
spilling his guts as to his wrong doings. Such people are coming forward to release themselves of their
guilt at this time and he may be one of them.

Stop S 510 - Big Agribusiness Targets Organic and Local Growers
Add your name to the list and keep your local farmers in business.

Israel Unveils Newest Anti-Missile System
Perhaps, just perhaps we already saw the United States version of this in action over southern
California a couple of weeks ago. If they are showing this to the public you can be sure it is
set to be tested in plain view and may have all already.

Goldman Sachs Warns: Backlash Against QE2 Could Tie The Fed's Hands
But the funny thing is that Goldman Sachs is owned by the Rothschild banking crime family and the
Rothschild family are also heavily tied by ownership of the Federal Reserve. So the shadowy Federal
Reserve has a mouthpiece to the public in the form of the minions at Goldman Sachs. Like sucking
the last drops of blood from a downed powerful workhorse they are leading America into total
collapse in order to usher in a single monetary system and their New World Order.

DHS Head Chertoff Got 350 Million Dollar Contract Advising Govt X-Ray Scanners
Follow the money and find the rats. If you have to fly then opt out of these body scanners.
Remember, passive resistance works and we always have strength in numbers.

One of the best sources for information in dealing with the TSA body scanner problem.

Kenneth Feinberg's Plan To Settle Oil-Spill Claims Met With Opposition
Follow the money. This creep has been on the job for just a couple of months and he wants to now start
short changing oil spill victims. He was appointed by BP with Obama's blessing so this development is
not really a surprise but he must not be allowed to have his way. "If I were a private lawyer, I would
recommend that my clients take the money now," Feinberg said recently. He said "finality is a virtue."
I ask, what could he possibly know of virtue when acting in this manner. He is an appointed BP goon.

Dan Nocera: Personalized Energy
This is in our very near future. The technology is available but the power utility companies are the
only ones standing in the way of widespread use at this time. During 2012 the solar storm activity will
knock out vast areas if not total countries electrical power and alternatives will need to be considered.
This is just one of a few on the threshold of reality.

Video: New Jersey Legislators And ACLU Take On TSA
We The People, at least in New Jersey are stepping up and taking legal actions. This next week will
be an intense few days at the nations airports. If you are flying this week,opt out of the scanners
and do your part in addressing this tyranny of our personal freedoms. Passive resistance will throw
a monkey wrench into the cogs of their machine. TSA is a goon squad which is out of control.

Daddy Bush Link to Kennedy Assassination
Okay boys and girls, it's time for another stroll down history lane. Having an interest in history
I do appreciate when someone else has done the heavy lifting to connect the dots of events and
people in clearing the air of the BS we have come to accept as our countries heritage. History is
rewritten by those in power and the powerful of the last 50 years have done their best to cover
their tracks but their charade is fast eroding. I remember the events of 1963 and the cover up
which followed and I found this video an eye-opener. If you were around at that time you can
start the video at the 40 min mark, that's where it departs from what we were told.

Meditation Linked to Happiness And Positive Behavior
I learned this for myself a few years ago. It simply works. All you need to do is give it a try
and it gets better the more you do it.

Here's One From The WTF Department
Body Scanning for Profit And More
Many months ago you may remember I posted information here about Michael Chertoff's financial
connections to the body scanner business. Even now, this important detail is being left out of
mainstream media reports about the new airport devices. Former Department of Homeland Security
Chief, Michael Chertoff is personally profiting from these scanners. Besides the fact that
Chertoff is illegally advertising his product during news programs while pretending to be a
public servant, there is significant harm being done to our DNA with these new devices. No
dose of back-scatter ionizing radiation has ever been proven to be safe. Watch the video
and see how history is repeating itself.

Helen Thomas On Her Resignation And Middle East
Helen Thomas is the highly respected senior White House correspondent for the Hearst News organization
who was fired from her job for an off hand comment which was taken out of context. Here is a short video
interview with her. See and listen how she carefully chooses her words to expose those responsible
for her ousting. There is a coup taking place in America and not a single shot is being fired.

The TSA Is Out Of Control
The gestapo goon squads are alive and well in airports all across the country. This video will amaze
and enrage you. If it doesn't then you are enjoying a self-induced coma.

Sunlight Robbery: Vitamin D And Public Health:
Is Current UK Public Health Policy On Vitamin D Fit For Purpose?
Many of my readers are European based and this pdf article is specifically for them. The more we
can educate ourselves, the more we realize a need to learn more. It is said, knowledge can lead
us to wisdom. Wisdom is the basis for making better decisions. And sharing what we have learned
is showing our love for everyone around us.

Gulf Still Loaded With Chemicals, But FDA Says Seafood Safe To Eat
Simply more evidence the Feds are lying to the US consumer.

Illness Plagues Gulf Residents In BP's Aftermath
This amounts to regional genocide and the media are not speaking a word of it.

Strange Missile / UFO Launch? California - November 9th 2010
I wondered last week when the con/chem-trails showed up over Southern California if it was a 'dud' of
the event which was earlier postulated by Clif High. Clif's linguistic research indicated a "big event"
of 9/11 proportions for that very period. Now, in the last day or so there has also been some clatter
on the mojo wire about this being a malcontent sub off LA launching a major firecracker aimed at US
a-terra-firma. Then I next pondered the words of 'Galactic Federation' scribes who claim Source/God/Universe
will not allow nooky-nukies to be used against humanity because it would affect not only earth's apple cart
but also the solar system. According to the people with these crystal balls, this is the only instance in
which our 'favorite martians' are allowed to step in and stop such playfulness on earth. So, perhaps the
'sub-friends' in the hood were foiled but are not willing to man-up and take the heat. Subs will return
to port to scratch their heads and chop off a few in the process. This is all High Strangeness where
anything is permitted on the game board and no one is showing their cards. Just something to consider.

F.B.I. Seeks Wider Wiretap Law For Web
More high trickery from the top snoop dogs. I have warned here previously of the data mining that
is/will be taking place monitoring what you say 'off-hand' on Facebook or from your searches on Google.
I say, "Let them eat cake." We need to expose these rats against our free speech for just what
they are.

Eurobarometer - More Europeans Opposed To GM Food
The people of Europe are teaching us something very important here and the numbers are in that support
this belief.

Cloaking Time To Create Invisible Events
The ramifications of this are truly beyond a mortals comprehension. We are at the tip of the
iceberg in sending humans into the 4th dimension to do whatever is needed and remain unseen
by anyone watching. Sounds like double-speak but you can bet the Powers That Be are salivating
at getting their claws on this stealthy technology if they are not already the ones funding
the research.

State Warning To TSA: Stop Breaking The Law
The heat is being turned up on the TSA and Homeland Security. 'We The People' are coming together
to put a leash on this runaway fascist exercise.

Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act Vote Imminent:
Would Outlaw Gardening And Saving Seeds
Here is an explanation of why this bill is very dangerous to our personal safety and freedom.
Take a moment to learn what it is about at this link, then go to the next link below and get
proactive in affecting not only your future but also the future of those you know and love.

Senators: No Cloture On S.510!
This is where you voice your opinion and join the petition to your state politicians. Do it now.

Propaganda Alert
Nearly All Gulf Of Mexico Waters Open To Fishing After Spill
The article states that the waters are clear and the seafood is safe for consumption. If a big
lie is repeated often enough to many people those people will believe the lie is actually the
truth especially when those who we trust with our welfare are doing the speaking. This practice
is commonly known in the manufacture of propaganda. This tactic has been in use since early in
the last century and is just as effective today.

Whatever Became Of This?
A powerful short video from Vincent Bugliosi reminding us of when and how America started on the
fast slide into criminal third world status. I am not presenting this to advance revenge but to
provide perspective to America's downward spiral. Much of the world previously respected America
for its high ideals of integrity and personal freedoms. This was all changed in a matter of a few
short years. Now the the ones responsible for this decline are priding themselves even bragging
of their criminal regime. Remember this video as you watch George W. Bush 'crow' of his
activities on the small screen.

Making Ads That Whisper To The Brain
Pioneering new ways to control what we think when we see or when we think we see something. Unharnessed progress your never knew about.

McDonald's And PepsiCo To Help Write UK Health Policy
This is not a mistype on my part. This is what happens when the loonies take over the asylum.

Green Shifters
You may think this to be about a manual transmission Prius, but it's not. This is a group of FREE
online seminars. Green Shifters are charting the way to a new revolution, one in which we can thrive
without eroding our world's life support systems. I do not believe this will have an 'elite' agenda
but will be coming from the heart to help guide the way to a better planet for all of us. There may
even a few business ideas for those of us who have entrepreneurial interests.

CDC and ADA Now Advise to Avoid Using Fluoride
It's about time. Now this info can be used in all communities as a tool in the argument for the removal
of sodium fluoride from our municipal water systems.

We're Mad As Hell And We're Not Gonna Take It Any More! Take a couple of 'clicks' and add you name
to the growing movement to stop this physical and mental abuse

Teens' Take On Bullying
Interesting article on this growing problem. Most of us allow ourselves to become victims and this
is a look at those factors which come into play.

Bombshell: FEMA Camps Confirmed
Sorry to be posting this entry so late in the day. I hope some of you get to see it in time before the
show airs this evening. The subject of the FEMA camps has been around for a number of years and now
Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy show on TruTV will look at the issue in 'Ventura' fashion. Will be
interesting what is said and how it is revealed.

Influenza, Flu Shots, and Vitamin D
This is a good read if you or someone you know is still on the fence about getting a flu shot. The
Vitamin D Council is the global center for vitamin D3 research and years ago released to the public
the tremendous health benefits of their findings. If you are not already taking D3 in 4 to 5,000 IU's
per day then I also suggest reading 'To D Or Not To D' on this site under the 'To Your Health' section.
Read for yourself why vitamin D3 is so important to us at this time.

Tiny Pacific Island In World-first Personal Pollution Scheme
An interesting micro-population test bed for what could be in the future for a national if not global
application. The elites want to tax every breath we take and here is a controlled guinea pig laboratory.
Will need to keep this one on the radar for future developments.

National Naked Scanner Opt-Out Day is Wednesday, Nov 24, 2010
This is a great idea. Passive in nature and sure to throw a wrench into the cogs of their machine.
With enough people participating in this statement of citizen solidarity it will make a difference
and force the tipping point to stop this abuse of our privacy. Stand up for your human rights and
do not fear their verbal intimidation. We have strength in numbers and remember no one has the right
to grope your body.

David Icke from A Nov 8th Talk
If you are not already familiar with David Icke here is a two part short video of him speaking a
few days ago in Spain. A patriot for humanity he speaks of what we are all being suppressed by
and rising to at this time.

When Big Ag Attacks: Government-Sponsored Pesticide Propaganda
Here is a direct quote from the article. "The health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables outweigh the risks of pesticide exposure." Propaganda in its purest form. Now read the whole article.

"Manufacturing Dissent": The Anti-globalization Movement Is Funded By The Corporate Elites
The best way to control an uprising is to sponsor one. This article provides examples of the paranoid
mind processes of the corporate elites and the extent they have gone to herd the populace into believing
they are creating change by protesting and demanding change. We are treated as though we are microbes
in a petri dish.

Barbering Without A License
This short video seems absurd and it is. But what appears as stupid overkill is how the 'goon'
squads are being trained/programmed to use their force on innocent populations and without
search warrants. This tactic has already been used in other parts of the country on organic
food stores. This must be stopped NOW. If not, in time we can expect to see them prowling
the streets looking for any excuse to create havoc in our local communities. This is the
sort of intimidation which occurred in Germany during the 1930's.

Organic Food May Become A Thing Of The Past
No, this is not a joke. This article spells it out pretty clearly who the big agra-players are and
how this is being achieved. There are steps we can take to help prevent this from happening but we
have to make up our minds and get proactive. We don't have a lot of time to just kick the idea
around. This is your life. Live it like it is the only one you have.

Tell The FDA: Label GMO Salmon
Ok, here is your opportunity to get proactive. Just see how easy it is.

The Story Of Electronics
As simplistic as this seems it makes wise sense for all of us to get behind what is being illustrated
here. The damage to our fellow humans and the earth must stop and what is proposed in this video
should be at the front of our concerns. Keep this video in mind during this holiday shopping season.

Reminder About Tomorrows Event
New Reality Transmission
Tomorrow over one million people across the globe will mentally project a unified
vision of a new paradigm for our species... a new reality. The very real physics that
connects human consciousness with molecular structure will be harnessed en masse during
the largest scale simultaneous manifestation transmission in recorded history."
It is well proven how groups of people concentrating on a single goal have a definite
positive effect on reaching that set goal. Go to this link for the details to take
part in this 11 minute, 11 day meditation. I say, "Power To The People, Let's Do It!"

Many Americans Caught In Cycle Of Stress And Unhealthy Ways To Manage It
When we are faced with overwhelming problems, stress and fear often control our thoughts and
the decisions we make to repair a situation. Nearly 70% of the people in this study say managing
their stress is extremely important but the author here does not provide any suggestions for
reducing stress levels. This article does bring up a number of points explaining the connections
between a parents stress and the effects upon their children. This is worth knowing to perhaps
convince you to learn 'quiet time' meditation practices that clear your mind of the daily clatter.
We always feel better and relate to others in a more loving manner when we are calm and feel
balanced about ourselves.

The Untold Story Of An American Crime Family
Just when it appeared the 'idiot son' was going to disappear in the sunset he for some reason decided
to appear on the national scene to pimp a book of his memoirs. Did it take this long to craft a
fairy tale as this or was the release timing set to be just after the recent elections. Who knows?
To balance the scales of historical record author Russ Baker provides more truth than fiction
regarding one of America's 'un-sentenced' criminal families.

The Deathbed Confession Of Who Really Was Our 41st President (Daddy Bush)
I have held this article in reserve for some time now believing that the Bush regime of deceit and
corruption would simply evaporate from the public scene. It appears now that may not be the case
based on the attention 'Dubya' is attracting to himself and his posture of bravado with the press.
This article originally appeared in the Idaho Observer dated April 2007. The editor of that paper was
murdered sometime afterwords without his killer(s) being brought to justice. One can only wonder why.
The insights here are 'big medicine' to swallow and deserve your critical analysis then deciding for
yourself what is real and what has been one of the greatest charades of all time.

Is There A Secret Operation by the Fed To Limit The Amount Of Cash Americans Can Hold?
If this story were to go mainstream every ATM would be dry in a couple of hours. This article is
not speculation but from the horses mouth.

FDA Coverup On GMO Salmon
Here ya go. Take a moment to sign this petition. Get involved, and stay healthy.

Chip-In-A-Pill May Be Approved In 2012
This will be one to watch out for and be wary of. As more on this comes forward you can bet it
will be talked about here and on other 'wakeup' sites. What can these people be thinking except
be taking orders from the Powers That Be.

The Hazardous Gas in Your Mouth
If you still have metal fillings in your mouth they are most likely mercury and your health may
definitely benefit by this video and article. Take care of your body because this is your life.

Major U.S. Environmental Groups Call for Full Environmental Review of Genetically Engineered Salmon
To a great extent it has been through the pressure of people like you writing emails
and signing petitions that have sent the message that we are not going to be fed this
frankenfood. Congratulations, but there is more work to do here and in the bigger
picture of GMO foods. Keep up the pressure on every front. We are making progress.

Walmart Wants Iowans To farm By Its Principles
This article paints a rosy picture of Walmart wanting to do the right thing by the farming
community. And it appears just so until we see that Monsanto is one of Walmart's partners
in this charade. There's a Big Red Light here. Now consider that Monsanto is forcing its
way in the back door of the food supply to get their GMO seeds in the ground by leaning
on Walmart to coerce their supplying farmers to go the way of Monsanto in order to sell
their produce in Walmart. A rat will stick its nose in the smallest hole to gain entry.

Residents Of Gulf Coast Believe They Are Being Sickened By Toxic Chemicals From BP Spill
People are either leaving the greater area or slowly dying. America's corporateocracy,
doing what it has done to other parts of the globe, only now it is right here at home.

The International Space Weather Initiative
Interesting how the academics will study this until after it is over then say they will
plan better for the next time. In the meantime every computer chip on the planet will
be 'toast'. A couple of individuals and myself are looking into what we can do on a
personal basis to preserve our home computer hardware and devices. We expect soon to
post information here on how to prepare for a large solar event. Check back often.

Pilots Association Urges Airline Pilots To Opt Out of TSA Naked Body Scanners
Hey, if it's good for the pilot it's good for the passengers . . right? Body scanners
are detrimental to your bodies DNA, plain and simple as that. This is your body and you
have the sovereign right to protect it from danger and fear tactics. Do not be one of the

Should Our Biggest Climate Change Fear Be Fear Itself
A different spin on the evolution of climate change. We'll see if this view gains any
traction with academia as we go forward.

Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura; Wall Street 1/3
I'll admit I was not a fan of Ventura for many years. But with this investigative show
now on TruTV he is not BS-ing the public. This is a must see if you did not have the
opportunity this last Fri evening. He did a good job with what is revealed here. What
he didn't mention though was the fact that the Rothschild banking crime family
actually 'owns' Goldman Sachs. The minions who are at Goldman Sachs are merely
foot soldiers for the Powers That Be. This all needs to be revealed so we become
willing to release the power which we have surrendered to money and its influence.

There is much to be said for having physical silver in your possession during this time
and for the short future. Bix Weir offers critical insights to the banksters manipulations of
the silver market and where the future of silver will go. Precious metals are a safe haven
as fiat money, meaning dollars, will be worthless very soon. Silver rounds (1 oz) and 'junk'
silver (old coins) are shooting up in value and will be a friend in assisting us through this
next period.

Lean Forward? (or is it more like 'bend over')
Keith Olbermann has been reinstated at his job on MSNBC. Read how the dismissal came
about and what the rumor mill at Fox does to promote far right political interests.
There are some insights to the corruption of the 'news' media here. Stay informed.

Volcanoes Have Shifted Asian Rainfall
The earth decides when to change the climate in order to protect itself from human abuses.
The earth is undergoing a cleansing process and we are merely temporary passengers on this
very large bus which is on its way to a new age.

BP Dispersants Causing Sickness
There are much bigger events unfolding during this week but I felt this article should
be posted to keep everyone up to date on the ongoing disaster in the Gulf.

The Chicken Which Should Be Banned
What can the people at the 'Golden Arches' be thinking to serve this to people. For
some reason this takes a moment to load, be patient.

Cliff High On Veritas Radio – Web Bot Predictions for November
Recorded this past Friday the 5th. Very worth listening to with discernment on your part.
Clif comes on at about the 15 min mark. I hope you watched the videos on yesterdays post. >/br> Here Clif goes into a detailed explanation of his forecast and more. Pretty 'wowing'
stuff here.

November 30th Could Be The Day The Government Seizes Control Of The Internet
This also may lead to Obama flipping the switch to shut it down as he wishes. He has
already given his office that ability to do so in a recent executive order. I would
suggest going to your favorite sites, making a pdf of pages you would like to refer
to at a later date and storing those pdf files on CD's or other removable media.
In particular any files referring to self-sufficiency methods of taking care of
yourself and your loved ones. Do not do this in fear but in the knowledge of
your having the wisdom to have done so.

Is November 2010 Going to Be False Flag Month in America?
This link does take a while to open so please do be patient. It must be because of the
video. I am not posting this as 'factual' information but I am passing it along for your
consideration. As Jonah, one of my teachers says, "There is no such thing as happenstance."
Also, Clif High's recent reports on have focused on these first days
of November as indicating an event with ramifications even greater than 9/11. Seasoned
astrologers are also seeing in the stars this period as one of upheaval. The two posts I
have here from yesterday concerning Obama's trip and the Fed Reserve (Rothschild) reunion
I do believe are timed events. Stay aware and stay safe. We need each other to maintain
a level of awareness in knowing this is a rigged game by the Powers That Be.

4 Reasons Why A Conspiracy Theorist Might Believe A Devastating Event Is Imminent
This link also takes a while to open so please do be patient. Again it has to be because of the
videos. If anyone would like the pdf of the last Clif High report please email me and read
the report for yourself. Then please go to the site and reimburse
Clif for the information. He is a patriot for humanity, a rare human.

Death Toll Rises In Indonesia As Volcano Continues To Rumble
The pictures alone are worth looking at. There are twenty-something different volcanos active
at this time in the Pacific ring of fire. This is not a coincidence, this is earth changes and
we are witnessing the evolution of our planet. Step back and consider the earth to be a living
entity and realize it is moving from one age to another. This is quite a time to be alive.

Keith Olbermann Suspended After Donating To Democrats
This is a WTF story. So, America's corporatocracy has a double standard. Now corporations
can contribute to political elections but individuals who work for those corporations are
subject to firing if they do? I hope someone has the common sense at the ACLU to offer to
step in on this gross violation of human rights, if there are any such things left in
this "democracy". I said earlier these are strange days and they are getting stranger
by the minute.

Unique Buddhist And Mayan Spiritual Leader Wisdom Transmission
Common Passion: Intention, Concordance, Harmony
This global ceremony is just a couple of days away. It almost slipped by without notice.
Thank you David for passing this on to share with others. Buddhist and Mayan spiritual
leaders are joining forces for a unique wisdom transmission and historical cultural
unification. This Sacred Fire Ceremony for oneness and world peace will occur on
November 6th - 7th 2010. You are invited to attend the webcast free of charge or
by simply lighting a candle for peace, joining millions around the world as this
special ceremony begins. More details are at the link. This is good stuff.

Obama Leaving US On 11/5 With Family & 3k Others...Is Something Up?
Consider this article with the 'Fed' article below and a few other incidentals which
are occurring at this time and there may be something afoot we are about to experience
up close and personal here on US terra firma. Strange Days in a Strange Land.

A Return To Jekyll Island: The Origins Of The Federal Reserve - November 5-6, 2010
It appears the banksters are returning to the scene of the crime for a centennial
anniversary party and future planning event. Talk about hiding in plain site. Now
wouldn't an 'Atlantis' event be just the Karmic remedy to our financial crisis.

New World Order: Underground Bases and Tunnels; Video
A collection of interviews with a seasoned 'Black Ops' investigator. He presents a pretty interesting
perspective on exposing this world within our world. The facts are coming forward. I have read
and heard much about these goings on and if you are at all curious then this information may
fill in some of the gaps for you on this topic.

A Followup: Opening The Halls Of Amenti
Here is a thank you note on the Tom Kenyon site concerning this previous Sunday's meditation.

Air Force Wants Neuroweapons To Overwhelm Enemy Minds
One thing to keep in mind here is the use of the word "enemy". The "enemy" is always the
one who does not agree with the Powers That Be. So if you are on the 'other' side of the
fence from the ones who control this weapon then you and I just may be the target of this
new tool one day. Mind games have always been a tool of the PTB and soon this stealth
weapon may be used where and on whom it is ever needed.

Another Big Event To Be A Part Of
New Reality Transmission
This was on my radar to post in a day or so but a reader came forward reminding me to
post it now. Thank you Mark for pushing this to my front 'burner'.
"On 11-11, 2010, one million people across the globe will mentally project a unified
vision of a new paradigm for our species... a new reality. The very real physics that
connects human consciousness with molecular structure will be harnessed en masse during
the largest scale simultaneous manifestation transmission in recorded history."
It is well proven how groups of people concentrating on a single goal have a definite
positive effect on reaching that set goal. I say, "Power To The People, Let's Do It!"

Large-Scale Fish Farm Production Offsets Environmental Gain
If you think farm fish in the best of conditions is the way to go then read on.

Don't Put Us On The Google Map, Says German village
Finally someone is using sanity to deny this invasion of our living places. What appears
as an innocent cute way to see where you live on a computer actually has greater implications
of invasive information. Hats off to all 70 residents in that village.

Government Admits Link Between H1N1 Vaccine And Deadly Nerve Disease
This connection to Guillain-Barre Syndrome was recognized at the start of the Swine Flu
scare. Now a US government agency is admitting the connections. Do not be fooled into
getting a shot. Take care of your immune system and don't cave into the media driven
propaganda fear machine.

BP Oil Is Now IN The Food Chain – LOOK
This will take a moment to upload to your screen. The image is alarming and worth your
wait. I have posted articles here warning of this bio-hazard and this image should make
a believer out of anyone who is not blind.

Plenty Of Foods Harbor BPA, Study Finds
Now that the truth is known about this chemical it is time to become more familiar with
where it is in our food chain and avoid those products. Ignoring the known warnings will
only make you more susceptible to the effects of the chemical.

Share This Video With Non-believers
End Of Liberty
Today is voting day in the United States. This video is an interesting program to view
during this time of major decisions. Pay attention and learn the details of how our
country is changing right before our eyes. The Powers That Be, global elites, have
gone into 'hyper drive'. These examples are from real lives, your neighbors.

What Happened To The Tea Party
In the smoke and mirror world of politics even the 'foolers' have been fooled. This five
minute video explains who is now pulling the strings. Corporate money and familiar
names have kidnapped the movement and working to keep things as they have been.
You could think of this as "lipstick on a pig".

Standards For Gulf's Catch Put To Sniff Test After Spill
"No immediate threat to human health." That is like saying using heroin one time won't
harm you either. Jonah, one of my teachers has told us that Gulf seafood now and will be
contaminated for a long time in the future. It is as simple as that. This article reads
like a drug dealer coaxing a new customer.

Major Producers To Ditch BPA From Packaging
This is good news. Major corporations do not make changes like this unless they are forced
to by either the public or governmental reform. In this case I believe you and others
like us have provoked a change for the better. The time line for the changes do seen a
little too far out for my taste so we still need to push for a speedier change over.
Keep pushing where you can and the results we need will appear sooner.

Major Event Tomorrow We Have Been Waiting For
Opening The Halls Of Amenti
This is a great opportunity to participate in a free event which may very well have
far reaching implications for the evolving of your enlightenment. Please take the
time to read the article and prepare yourself. This will be a major 'download' of
some of the energies we have been anticipating. This is good stuff. The time is now.

'Crisis is an Opportunity': Engineering a Global Depression to Create a Global Government
The engineered and constructed financial collapse has always been a planned means to
meet a planned end. First, bring the worlds working classes to their knees that they
beg for the Powers That Be (PTB) to restore what was once a comfortable standard of living.
Then when the masses are so beaten down and fearful for their lives, the PTB will cough up
a magic solution to, according to them, lead us like sheep back to normalcy. When in fact
they have created the Problem, knew before hand the Reaction of the masses and just happen
to also have the Solution. This article sheds light on how the steps of this coup is being

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sound
In this age of earbuds and compression for more in less space this, article and video offers
much to think about and listen to.

GMO Crop Sabotage On The Rise
It appears the people of Europe are not as complacent as Americans are to be fed Monsanto's
GMO Frankenfoods. Hats off to them for showing the elites they are not going to swallow it.
Perhaps it's the lack of sodium fluoride in their drinking water that has them able to
stand up for themselves. Fire spreads, be careful out there.

American Citizens As Guinea Pigs
More on sodium fluoride if you are not already convinced this toxin will harm you in more
ways than keeping you docile. Also read 'Fluoride and Consciousness' here on '2012yayas'
if you have not already. I offer a couple of solutions to removing this toxin from your
system that are cheap, easy and fast acting to help you maintain a less fluoride polluted
body and healthier immune system on top of it.

Chaplins Time Traveler
This is a very curious piece of film from the 1920's. The person revealing the very
convincing footage has taken careful time to beg for answers. At issue here is the
evidence of a 'time traveler'. A year ago last April My wife and I came upon an
odd group of four individuals at Camp Hero, Montauk, New York who I later verified
as time travelers so I know they are coming and going around us all the time. Watch
the film and decide for yourself. It looks pretty convincing at face value.
P.S. No I did not ask to take their picture and that's a whole other topic.

Russia's Kamchatka Volcanoes Spew Giant Ash Clouds
First Indonesia just a few days ago and now Russia's volcano's are coming to life.
The article says they are not related but that is only to suppress panic. These are
indeed related and are also related to the suns solar activity just as the radical
weather conditions we are experiencing around the globe. Earthquakes a plenty are
on the horizon to make this a 'full house' hand of cards. Pay attention to what
the sun is dishing up and connect the dots for yourself.

An OverView Of Earth, Water And Duality
This is a 90 min video recorded on October 19,2010 by Steve Rother an internationally
respected channel. His presentations around the world are well attended. In this
particular program he discusses the earth weather changes we are indeed experiencing
and how they are interwoven with our mental and physical body changing during this time.
Also discussed is how the duality nature of our civilization is being removed and it is
not having an easy time saying "goodbye". Water on the planet is also playing a crucial
role in the earth's and our physical evolution. Steve's insights are very interesting.
This is an informative presentation worth viewing

Fossils Double Age Of Humans In Asia
More than a couple of religions will find this subject unsettling. Problem is that even
older fossils will be hard to find because the older bones have eroded to dust so their
record is lost to the ages. Artifacts have been found which are being dated to hundred's
of thousands of years old but those are kept well hidden from public knowledge.

Days Left to Stop Mass Extinction
Whales are being decimated by 'lesser understanding' humans, their time left on the planet may
be very short. Take a moment to sign this petition in their support. I know much has been said
of the futility of online petitions but we should at least give it our best support. Do it now.
Thank you Sootara for sending this to my attention.

How To Kill A Cold, Starve A Fever
With the sniffle and flu season coming up this old widsom may come in handy.

Can Solar Shield Protect The North American Power Grid
This article or portions of it will make it to the mainstream propaganda machine very
shortly if not already. Do not take false comfort in this mind massage. What is not
mentioned is the damage that will occur to your computer components in your homes,
cars, phones, etc, etc. Whether they are connected to a plugged outlet or not. Your
'chip' driven appliances will become 'fried' when a major event comes our way from
the sun. Start looking into 'faraday' enclosures and such technology. When you find
good protection measures please share them with us here that we all come through
this with fewer problems to deal with. On a physical level we are all in this

Passing Into the Energy Cloud
An older article I just came across and thought it worth posting today. We are in the
early stages of the greater physicl changes we are to expect. From unreasoned behavior
of the populations to out of place weather and solar storm influences. This article
reveals some of astrophysicist Dr. Alexei Dmitrie findings. I have more recent info
from Dr. Dimitrie in the Solar Maximum section on this site.

BP Dispersants 'Causing Sickness'
If you or someone you know lives in the path of the winds from the Gulf of Mexico they
should read this. Serious respiratory problems were forecast in the wake of the oil
spill and people are increasingly becoming ill and can not figure it out. Share this
everyone you know who may be in harms way.

Cell-Phone Safety: What The FCC Didn't Test
It's not reading the fine print that will get you in to trouble.

Think Hand Sanitizers Protect You Against Germs? Think Again
In case you are one of the firm believers in this product.

Ratigan Addresses The Bankster Meltdown
Is Dylan Ratigan helping the Good Guys to get the word out that something is VERY, VERY rotten
at the heart of Wall Street or is he a mouthpiece for the propaganda media machine which we
have come to know in America. Could his strong words be meant as an attempt to control the
anxiety of the public and assist in lowering the shock value for what is unfolding and
orchestrated by the elite banksters and our dear Federal Reserve system. High stakes in
an evil game of pain and torture by the Reptilian minds who are toying with humanity.

Clif High On The OneRadio Network
If you are not familiar with Clif High and his linguistic data projections then you are
in for an interesting ride. He does his homework in analysis and projections and his
success rate is reported to be in the 50% range, pretty impressive. This interview is
from a couple of months ago but discusses this late October and goes forward.
Insightful, sobering and perhaps the wake up call needed for many of us to take
action for our own benefit. You decide because after all, this is your life.

Tea Party Climate Change Deniers Funded By BP And Other Major Polluters
Follow the money. When the Supreme(?) Court removed the restrictions concerning election
contributions this was the opening of the flood gates to even allow the influx of
influencing money from other countries. They knew this would happen and were in
complete control allowing this corrupt state of affairs to evolve.

Haiti cholera threat magnified by aid failure
Haiti has not healed and it will not go away from our consciousness. Partisan bickering
in DC is holding back what has both been promised and tragicly delayed. Where is the
humanity when the cameras go away.

Can Naturally Raised Beef Find Its Place In The Industry
I would jump at the opportunity to purchase this non-GMO product. My apologies to the vegans
who are reading this.

From Global Depression to Global Governance
A few days ago I posted a lengthy video concerning the "Money Masters". This article
serves to expose where that video ended in pre-1996 and where we are today. Just as
the global banksters were responsible for the Depression during the 30's those same
puppeteers are pulling those same strings today. The Federal Reserve system needs
to be abolished or the NWO will march on with its agenda of suppression and poverty.

Study Near Gulf Of Mexico Spill Site Finds Surprisingly High Methane Uptake By Microbes
Before deciding that mother nature is on the mend taking care of the toxic disaster in the
Gulf as this article suggests, keep in mind that you are what you eat. Meaning, the microbes
which are mentioned are eaten by other life up the food chain and eventually end up on your
plate as shrimp and other seafood. As we have come to know, much of our seafood is quite
polluted for human consumption and harvest from the Gulf are now much more so and will be
even greater as time moves forward. One of my teachers has already warned us of the
dangers that exist with seafood from this region. Be careful.

Don't Forget Oct 31st
Opening The Halls Of Amenti
This is a great opportunity to participate in a free event which may very well have
far reaching implications for the evolving of your enlightenment. Please take the
time to read the article and prepare yourself. This will be a major 'download' of
some of the energies we have been anticipating. This is good stuff. The time is now.

Research Teams Find Oil On Bottom Of Gulf
Interesting inclusion about the crab larvae. Decide wisely what you eat.

Authoritarian Behaviour Leads to Insecure People, Spanish Study Finds
If you have children or were once one you self, you may find this article interesting.

Austerity Measures: First France, Then England . . Is The US Next
Dylan Ratigan speaks without hesitation calling them 'banksters'. When the female reporter
in France comes on she back peddles in an almost frightened voice what Dylan has said.
Makes me wonder if her producer on that end was controlling what she could say. This
early November, after the elections in the States I suggest you have a fair amount of
cash to possibly see you through a period of 'bank holiday'. Your plastic money will be
useless and cash for a while will be the only means of purchasing power. This is not
a drill or meant to create fear. My sources have proven to be true many times over and
there is no need for anyone to do without or live in panic. We are on the cusp of the
wildest ride we have ever known.

China Halts Shipments To U.S. Of Tech-Crucial Minerals
Such activity once before led to our war with Japan. But that's history now. Since
very few of the products mentioned are actually manufactured here in the states, and
personally we could do with fewer of the ones mentioned, this article could serve
The Powers That Be (TPTB) to raise ire among the US citizenry. The one industry
that may see an interuption in business is the production of missile guidance
systems, boo hoo. Just the same, we should keep abreast of these saber rattlings
and keep our powder dry.

The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America
This is an excellent, plain english video with no banker gibberish to confuse the common
person. This video explains how the current financial collapse is the result of calculated
maneuverings by the Federal Reserve and identifies those who actually own it. An excellent
production which traces the tactics of international banksters dating back to the time of
Caesar. Follow the timeline and understand how the United States has been undermined. The
"Money Changers" have been eroding at America's sovereignty since the 1700's. We are living
in a time of critical decisions and this presentation just may be of assistance as you make
yours. This video is long but I guarantee it will be time well spent.

How To Opt Out Of The TSA's Naked Body Scanners At The Airport
First hand account of the process. It is no big deal to "opt out" and it only makes
complete sense from a health perspective. Do not let the intimidation overwhelm you.

States Rip Apart EU Bid To Fix GM Crops Mess
It appears the people of European countries are leading the way in stopping Monsanto's
steamrolling to force GMO's upon their people. The WTO who is in the limelight here is
nothing less than a mouthpiece tool of the elites in this crime against humanity. We
here in the States need to wake from our fluoride induced docile mindsets and take
stronger actions against GMO's and the politicians who have been 'bought' in this
eugenic war which is being waged on plant, animal and human life.

Election 2010 – GMO Dangers Talking Points
In case you need to brush up on the dangers of GMO's, here is a list of the points that
should provoke you to stand up for your rights as a human being. We are not "cannon fodder"
or "useless eaters" as our policy makers have called us.

The War On Terror
Strong sobering words here. If this is too messy, you can eat it over the sink.

PBS Fare Differs Little From Commercial TV
I have noticed this for some time now and wondered if anyone else did also. I have also
found 'Public TV' to be very conservative in both its programming and who is allowed
to voice liberal positions. Looks more like a right wing wolf in sandals.

Portable Solar-Powered Desalination System
This is very cool. If I lived near the ocean I would look into how to obtain one, today.

The Case Against Fluoride: Toxifying the Tap
In July of this year, the United Nations declared access to clean water a human right.
The United States was among 41 nations that abstained from supporting the resolution.
What's up with that? Both the book, 'The Case Against Fluoride', and the film,
'Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation' which can be watched from the
next entry below, provide citizens with sound science to use when demanding that
city officials end this "unethical, unnecessary, ineffective and dangerous" practice.

Professional Perspectives On Water Fluoridation
A 30 min video of health professionals coming forward and calling for an end to fluoride
in our drinking water. I recently had the opportunity sit in on a presentation and afterwords
speak with Paul Connett, PhD, one of the presenters here. The evidence is overwhelming that
fluoride is very toxic to our general health. If you have not already read 'Fluoride and
Consciousness' on this site under the 'To Your Health' section it further explains where,
why and how fluoride came into being added to our public water supply. This boils down to
being chemical warfare against human health. Get educated and stay healthy.

Huge Development On The Sun
There is a huge event forming on the sun and no one knows quite what to make of it.
Much concern is being expressed among sun watchers and for very good reason. If you
have not read the section on this site 'Solar Maximum' under 'The Sun Also Cycles'
perhaps this is a good time to do so. You can also keep abreast with the latest
updates on the spaceweather site for free. This event info was posted there
on 10-17 and is archived each day after wards. Stay informed.

If you have a mortgage on your property or know someone who does, they have to see
this video. The banksters have the middle class of this country living in fear and
the banksters need to be dealt with accordingly. A second economic collapse is
only a few weeks away. It will usher in a major revamping of the financial system
not only here in the US but also around the world. Home owners need to be aware
of how to handle these coming days. The banksters do not have the power over us
we so unwittingly have given to them. This is your life, act like you own it!

"What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer
Chemtrails are not the fodder of 'conspiracy' nuts, they are REAL and on many days just
over your head. All you need to do is look up to see them. We need to get off our butts
and take immediate action. The GMO conspirators are filling the atmosphere with human
and plant life altering particulate matter. The main GMO producer and perpetrator here
I believe is Monsanto. Watch this video, write down the link addresses in the film and
be a part of the solution. No one has the right to force anything upon your body.
I'll say this again, This is your life, act like you own it.

Animals Said To Have Spiritual Experiences
Everything in the world is connected and has consciousness. Now scientists are recognizing
this fact. Other major findings and breakthroughs are on our doorstep of understanding.
Many of us have come to know that our pets have been with us in other life times. Man's
best friend may be playing a greater role in our lives than ever known before. What a
time for us all to be alive.

Muslim Brotherhood 'Declares War' On U.S.
This is not fiction but what is actually brewing in the 'medieval' minds of fundamentalists.
Some insights here to be aware of and on the watch for in the interest of your safety
and those around you. The Crusades of the past are alive and well, only the shoe of
the aggressor on the other foot. Much to think about.

Opening The Halls Of Amenti
This is a great opportunity to participate in a free event which may very well have
far reaching implications for the evolving of your enlightenment. Please take the
time to read the article and prepare yourself. This will be a major 'download' of
some of the energies we have been anticipating. This is good stuff. The time is now.

The Dentist Who Cured Cancer
Big Pharma does not want us to thrive but only to decline on their schedule of meds
and financial draining. Dr. Max Gerson is also mentioned in this article and is
worth your looking in to just in case you or someone you know ever needs the help.

Vaccines and Autism
Some more insights uncovering the great dangers of vaccines.

Consumers' 'Herding Instinct' Turns On And Off, Facebook Study Shows
Previously here I have posted articles exposing the 'data mining' which is taking place
on your beloved Facebook. Well, here is just one of the 'harmless' studies which has
been made known to the public.
"All watched over by machines of loving grace", Kurt Vonnegut

If You Eat These Eggs, You are Being Ripped Of
There are significant differences that may surprise you.

Tea Party Movement: Billionaire Koch Brothers Who Helped It Grow
Good example of how corporations direct the minds of voters while giggling in the
background. These are just two of the faces behind the mask of the "Tea Party."

Researcher Warns: Watching Medical TV Shows Can Make You Feel Sick
This is why they call it 'programming' boys and girls. It has been called that since
the 1950's and has been in plain sight ever since. The concept of "the power of
suggestion" in its purest form. It not only can make you sick but subconsciously
will also plant the tone in your body to absolutely make you much more susceptible
to triggering the problem at a future date.

GM Lobby Helped Draw Up Crucial Report On Britain's Food Supplies
Well, it looks like corporatocracy is also rampant in the UK. This is not just
a problem in the US. Follow the money and see who is betraying humanity.

Twins Die Minutes after Measles Vaccination
This tragic headline reads like something from a checkout line tabloid. As shocking
as it unfortunately is, this is what it takes to wake some people up to the dangers
vaccinations hold for all of us. This is not an isolated incident.

Phage - The Virus that Cures
A 50 min video of some pretty incredible medical information from Russia which has been
suppressed in the west. Is Big Pharma in this country that paranoid of having their
power $ structure toppled by advances like this? You know the answer to that question.
This technology may very well be our savior because our days of useful antibiotics are
very near their end.

Two Hours At TV Or Computer Screen Linked To Psychological Problems In Kids
Interesting article that appears to blame the monitor screens with out mention of what
is appearing on those screens. Lame attempt to place the blame on the messenger and not
put it on the message.

Chemtrails: What In The World Are They Spraying? – Videos
Chemtrails are going to become even more prevalent than they have been. Educate yourself,
be informed and do what you can to boost your immune system (vitamin D3 5000 IU).
There is chemical warfare being waged on the human species and it is in the air we
breath as well as with our food supply. Staying informed gives you the power to do
something for yourself as well as for those around you.

BPA Found On Cash Register And ATM Receipts
This will shock you more than the cost of that dinner and drinks you just signed for.
And you know a change for our benefit will be long in the waiting line.

Opinion Article
How Dumb Are (you) We?
In light of the pounding we are receiving nightly with political ads in America,
this article may give you something to think about if you decide to vote this November.

Mobile Phones Responsible For Disappearance Of Honey Bee
This you should know. With more cell phones walking the planet every day, we are literally
causing the onset of the collapse of our food supply. Everything is related and unfortunately
this is also.

Graham Hancock Interview with David Wilcock
If you don't already know of Graham Hancock this is a good introduction to his work.
He writes of past civilizations and his exploring/exposing of the facts, much of which
you may find insightful. His comments on the Mayan's were particularly interesting
for me.

Site Update
Solar Maximum Section
I have added new important material concerning the current solar cycle. It is a complete
report by astrophysicist Alexia Demetria who says our solar system is entering an
interstellar energy cloud that will soon bring global catastrophe. Much to consider
here. One of my teachers has confirmed our electrical grids will sustain severe damage
and we will be without power for an extended time. This is worth your reading to stay
informed and planning accordingly for these events. I have assembled a group of
resources for your consideration in the 'Products' section, under subsection
'Be Prepared'. It is time to get proactive in getting ready for what's on
our horizon.
Solar Maximum.html

What A Scientist Didn't Tell The New York Times About His Study On Bee Deaths
Follow the money. This is a greater issue than first meets the eye. Without bees
doing their thing our food supply will collapse within months, not years.

Guatemalan Syphilis Experiment: In The Name Of Public Health?
Harry Truman has until recently been painted as a jovial 'minor-league' president.
When in fact, he introduced mind numbing fluoride to our drinking waters, had direct
interaction with off planet visitors and was 'in' on the topic of this article. They
the didn't call him "Giv'em hell Harry" for nothing. Keep up with your history
and see where you are going.

Why Did Officials Approve This Toxic Corn Chip That Creates a 'Pesticide Factory' in Your Gut?
GMO's are screwing with our immune systems among other things. They are contributing
to our bodies inability to ward off other nasty toxins which are being served to us
with out our knowing. Stay informed and don't stick your head in the sand. After
all, it is your life.

Stealing Reality
New technology will know you better than you do yourself. And what you allow them to know
just might not be in your best interest. Click on the 'Download' button on the link site
in order to read the paper. Facebook fanatics will gag on this one.

China Tells Rich Nations To Improve Emission Targets
Pretty informative article if you read all the way to the bottom. China has for a long
time suppressed the value of its currency, is the largest producer of consumer goods
in the world, is also the biggest producer of greenhouse gases and has the world's second
largest economy. Yet they consider themselves a developing nation, sounds like denial
to me. The additional problem here is that they are also in control of financial credit
to the United States and the screws are about to turn. Pay attention to the state of

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects
The off planet beings referred to as UFO's or aliens are bound to Universal Law which
does not allow them to interfere with the free will of the human race to the extent
we do not jeopardize the long range health of the planet, solar system or beyond.
'Nuclear stupidity' on our part would cause such an effect and this is why 'they'
are able to intervene in this manner at this time. If you are still believing 'they'
are going to save us from ourselves on all other human issues then you are only
fooling yourself. We are the creators of our problems as well as the source of
their solutions.

Morphogenetic Resonance: From Casual To Conscious Creation
I receive this newsletter and find it both helpful and insightful for the times we
are living in. It is free and non-invasive to your mailbox with ongoing spam.

Who Killed The US Street Car System?
Time for another stroll down memory lane. This is just a two minute video to open
your eyes to how the wheels of the auto industry have forced change.

Inflation, Corruption Could Impact China's Stability: Wen
Recently I have been posting articles about China. One of my teachers has warned us
of China's place in the global community and the power it holds ($) over the USA and
other nations. World economics are a balancing act but the elite Powers That Be tilt
the scales as they see fit to their agenda. Others and myself have been informed of
the role China will play in the elites plan of suppression and control. Be informed
and understand what is happening in politics and to your personal freedoms.
Harsh changes are on the horizon and we each have a part to play.

Stalled UN Climate Talks To Resume In China
China is a huge economic power to be reckoned with. This meeting on their ground serves
as a means for the elites to give them a larger voice in the policies which the elites have
had trouble in forming in the past. Remember the saying, "he who has all the money
makes the rules."

This Supermarket "Health Food" Killed These Baby Rats in Three Weeks
And this is one of the staples of our diet. GMO's are a chemical warfare against humanity.
Become involved against GMO's while you still have the mental and physical ability to do so.

China-Africa 2010 Trade To Top 100 Billion Dollars: Report
The race is on for the remainder of the worlds natural resources and China has the all
the money required to buy what they want and secure their needs. Many promises are being
made to under developed nations just like the US made not long ago to raise standards of
living in exchange for industrial exploitation. China has long range plans of total
world dominance and they are well on their way there.

A Must See Video Clip - Credo Mutwa, African Shaman
Seeker of truth and philosopher gives 'off the cuff' awe inspiring appeal to Humanity for
an appeal to Africa and the global truth for humanity. Given the above article, this video
appeal is deeply stirring and revealing in what cards have been dealt by the elites to a
less fortunate continent of our fellow humans. This is nothing less than genocide and
it is happening right before our eyes. Thank you Linda for sending this to my attention.

Fears Of Chinese Land Grab As Beijing's Billions Buy Up Resources
And Africa is not the only continent caught up in this game of hyper-monoply.

Bill Gates Says Vaccines Could Help Reduce World Population
Read this article and watch Gates say this for himself. Why is it that barons of industry
need to want to play god? Does their wealth breed paranoia and greed?

'Truthy' Web Site to Search, Identify Smear Tactics, Twitter-Bombs Through Election Runup
May be a good site to have handy to see trends concerning disinformation. May also be used to
'feel' the pulse of the public without asking a single person their opinion. That info can also
easily be used by those that wish to issue statements to quell, control or suppress anxieties
of the public. Much to consider here. Reminds me of the Kurt Vonnegut story Cats Cradle
where he wrote,"and all watched over by machines of loving grace."

Government Funding Drug Companies to Make Vaccines Quicker
Clear evidence of Big Pharma and government collusion. The pressure will come from all sides
this year on why you will 'need' to get the shot. Act with your internal wisdom and don't
let the mass consciousness sway your beliefs.

China Wins WTO Backing In Chicken Fight With US
Big 'heads up' on this one. READ YOUR LABELS for country of origin on everything you buy at
the grocery. We are entering a period of chemical warfare within our food supply. China is
not one of our best friends and the WTO knows this and they are stacking the cards.

10 Freakiest Things About Frankenfish
And this is the short list.

Are Genetically Engineered Foods (Including Salmon) More Allergenic?
The article speaks about potential 'allergies' caused by the mutant fish, but what will actually be
compromised will be our genetic makeup. It's not nice to fool with mother nature.

Obama To Sell US Auto Giant GM To China As Pentagon Looks To Coup
The puppeteers of our government are forcing their will to hand over one of the cornerstones
of the American economy. I hope you enjoy eating with chopsticks. China is on a fast track
to not only world economic dominance but also entrenching itself at the core of our
sovereignty. And this is being served to them on a silver platter. Many insights
with this article. Worth your read.

An 11-year-old Schools Us On What's Wrong With The Current Food System
From the mouths of babes. These new kids have more reasoning power than most adults who
are running around at this time.

Food-Safety Lawyer Puts His Money Where Your Mouth Is
A patriot for humanity. Here is someone who is making a difference everyday for the benefit
of YOUR life.

The Fed + IRS = the War-fare state
A video stroll down memory lane looking at who is behind the beginnings of the Federal Reserve.
Rothschild, Warburg and J.P. Morgan are the headline banking crime families here in a tale
which should stop you to reconsider our current national situation of demise.

Media Disinformation: The Facts About Ahmadinejad's UN Speech
As a follow up to the yesterdays post I feel this might be a good read to balance all the
hoopla of our corporate media propaganda machine. Harsh words are being passed in the
ramp up to the war with Iran. How else will they stir the emotions of the public and
what better way than to salt the wounds of our new "Pearl Harbor", that being "9/11."

US Commission Told 50 Percent Of Oil Spill Remains In Gulf
Now that the corexit has it hidden at the bottom of the ocean, BP is hoping this will go the
route of "out of site, out of mind." Praise the honest and brave scientists and notice which
politicians are coming to the support of the oil industry.

GM Maize 'Has Polluted Rivers Across The United States'
Article states 85% of all corn grown in the US is genetically modified. There are also insights
as to how the ecosystem of the planet will slowly become affected. GMO's affect the minds and
bodies of humans and the physical well being of everything they come in contact with.

Student Campaigns To Restore Pledge Of Allegiance
Appears as innocent and patriotic. God and country. And from the mouths of babes. But the
movement to blur and erase the lines of distinction between politics and religion will ramp
up like we have never seen. These Novembers elections will be dominated by bible quoting
politicians and supporters caught up in a fear feast to align and recruit. Keep this
in mind when being bombarded by ads from the now 'released' corporate sponsorship of
elected officials.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid. Not All Conspiracies Are Theories . . .
Another little ditty concerning our next round of elections.

Messing With The Wrong People?
WTF. Here is some pretty alarming information on our 'gun powder eating' military leaders. This is a
clear case of the tail wagging the dog. The warriors are attempting to overrun their leader.

Savvy Consumers Put A High Price On Food Safety
People are waking up, are you one of them? This article identifies an independent agency to
test the wholesomeness of what we eat. HHHmmm . . And who will watch the watchers and where
do the watchers come from? A step in the right direction but needs to be taken with a
grain of salt. Much of the FDA is composed of former food industry personnel who still
have direct ties to their former companies. One in particular is an Obama cabinet member
who is also a Monsanto executive and is spearheading the push for GMO's in our food chain.

FDA Refuses To Require Labeling Of Genetically Modified Salmon
Frankenfood is now going mainstream with the blessing of the FDA and with the intent of
blending it into the product mix. Like placing a wolf among the sheep. Bottom line here
is that GMO fish will have altering effects upon our own bodies genes. This is just one
example of the eugenics program which the Powers That Be are forcing upon humanity.

Study Affirms Gulf Oil Spill's Vastness
The eco-disaster that just keeps on giving. And will have terrible effects on our supply
of seafood for generations to come. A crime against humanity has been committed. The
elites perpetrated this event to stop the president from enacting banking and wall
street reforms. And now the citizenry and the ecosystem will suffer.

Iran President Ahmadinejad Tells Unvarnished Truth On 9/11 Inside Job At U.N. Speech,
U.S. Delegate Walks Out
The content of his speech has been on the net for years. Now it is in the official record
of the United Nations.

From Chronos To Kairos: Musings On The Coming Time-Warp
Ok boys and girls, the long wait is over. This article explains some of what is taking place and what
is about to occur in actually the next few weeks. Linda Masterson, the author, has done an excellent
job in offering insights as to what has long been foretold, by mystics, mediums and researchers.
The Mayan's foretold of 'time compressing' and unless you are aware and prepared for it you may
very well submit to the unbearable stresses to our mental and physical health. I have much more
new information to release on this subject and will do so in the next week. As Bette Davis once
said in an old black and white film, "It's time to buckle up, we're in for a bumpy night."

Ass Over Teacup
Another insight with additional supporting information on this very mind bending, transitional
period we have entered. We are each being tested whether we will fall back upon the old traditions
of our 3rd dimensional paradigm we so much want to leave or will we press on to our goals of
greater enlightenment. This is a tough time and some mistakes will be made. The point is not
to be critical of ourselves to add to the stresses we are faced with. Don't worry, be happy.

Dumbing Down Society Part 3: How to Reverse its Effects
Parts one and two are also available at this link. Have you come to realize your body may be
polluted with all the fun things you've been eating? Here are a few ways to detox your mind
and body. Also, read the 'Fluoride and Consciousness' section on this site under the
'To Your Health' title on the left menu here.

A Very Well Presented Online Film
This link is to a three hour video. It is very well done and features many speakers who have
already done the 'heavy lifting' in regards to researching information on our shared transition.
A few of the presenters may already be familiar to you while others will lend greater insights.
This film complements much of what I have presented here on this site and may help with
greater understanding. It is well worth setting the time aside to view.

Egg-Loving Salmonella Bacteria Have Been Sickening People For Decades
Good historical overview of the problem. But the current problem and issue in the press is serving
as a platform to force federal legislation through which is aimed at strangling the small organic
farmer who is (1) not operating an out of control mega-farm and (2) not pumping their chickens
full of GMO grains and other Monsanto directed programs. Think of it as a not so subliminal
'food war'.

Waiter, There's BPA in My Soup
What it is, how it got there and what it means to you and me. And if you are thinking of
stocking up on canned foods to include in your 'emergency' supply then think again.

Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed
The eugenics program to harness and eradicate much of the population of the earth is not
science fiction. It is alive and well right in your kitchen and on your plate three times a day.
This two part video should wake everyone up to make more informed decisions as to what they
consider as food. The Powers That Be feel there are too many people on the planet and they
don't want to share a long healthy life with us. Well, they are not going to have their way.

The Corporate-Government War On Private Food
Previously here I posted a few articles of government raids on local organic food stores. Here is
a video of the Los Angeles police with guns drawn in that act. There is also information for a
link where pro-active people are learning more about their food choices.

911 And What We Have Learned
Most of us who witnessed the events of September 11, 2001 feel we have heard and seen all there is
to know on the subject. For those who are just opening their eyes or are coming of age and are
questioning what it was all about, this collection of videos provide a very good foundation to
understand what really happened that day, who was actually responsible and how it ushered in the
contrived world of fear and terror they have prescribed for us. The centers of The Powers That Be
who created this 'false flag' event are now collapsing under their own greed for control over
humanity on many fronts. The 'dark elite' are turning the screws tighter on humanity but with
our knowledge of their plan we can chose not to live in that fear. We really do have a choice.
Knowledge used properly leads to wisdom.

If You Love Your Kids, Please Do Not Make This Mistake
If you have kids then this is important to read. If you know someone who has kids, it is
also important to forward it on to them. Do not allow yourself or those you know to
become a victim of the 'agenda'. Lives may very well be in the balance.

Carbon Trade Or Carbon Con?
You will not have to read very far into this one to see who is seeding this enterprise,
it is Goldman Sachs. Yes the very same leader of our financial demise and they have a
few new tricks (scams) in their bag of tricks. After all, they must plan for the
future and this shell game will involve every person on earth. Oh, by the way,
Goldman Sachs is a Rothschild crime family enterprise if you didn't already know.

Regret, Apology Not Part Of BP's Oil Spill Report
Such audacity from so devastating a crime. Now the corporate lawyer linguists will
massage every word to maneuver from accepting blame. Remember this every time you
pass a BP filling station and the operative word here being 'pass'.

Study: Earth's Last Ice Age Not Worldwide
A growing number of climate scientists are postulating what is labeled as 'Global Warming'
is indeed the leading edge of another ice age. This article may reveal what has previously
occurred and again may be in our very near future. The fresh water ice melt in the arctic
region is introducing that water to the oceans currents and this is interrupting the natural
flow of warm southerly ocean salt water to the region which is then creating a 'stalling effect'
in the usual warm cycle path. Without the warm waters circulating to the region as it normally
has, cold will become much colder.

World Bank Threatens 'Drastic Steps Necessary' If Nations Refuse Population Reduction Implementation
With a pandemic season just around the corner here is something to keep in mind when being
tempted to get a shot. The elites have been working at this agenda for decades.

Providing Low-Cost Clean Water For A Billion People
Great example of good talented people coming together to help a world in need. This is happening
more often and will to a greater degree as the old paradigm falls to the side.

One From The Propaganda Mill
Food Fight Breaks Out As Locavores Defend Their Turf
In today's world, some flawed reasoning. And you do not have to go very deep to see it.

Researchers Discover How to Conduct First Test of 'Untestable' String Theory
Great minds are getting closer to a great discovery. But will they allow themselves to make
the greater leap between science and God.

Walmart's War On Labor
A video piece from someone who did the dirty deeds. Call it what you like but this is
what he did. You can make a difference with the choices you make in where you spend
your hard earned money.

Pope Monitoring Iranian Woman Sentenced To Stoning Death
In the escalating propaganda of the 'us' against 'them' mentality this article illustrates how
the 'church' is serving the Powers That Be, meaning the 'dark elite', in rationalizing a future
major confrontation with Iran. As an example of drawing attention and stirring emotions for the
attractive 'abused belle' this will further justify why we will have to go to war to make
things 'right'. All of our buttons are being pushed and it's full speed ahead if we allow.

Global Collapse of the Fiat Money System:
Too Big To Fail Global Banks Will Collapse Between Now and First Quarter 2011
This article is to a large degree on target. But, the global banksters are the one's creating the
illusion and controlling the timing of further economic collapse. They will only appear to be
sharing the stress which the general public is being subjected to. When the screaming and
crying subsides, the banksters will still be in charge and will have just the 'right' plan
to save the world, but it will only further lower the standard of living for the masses. And
oh yes, they will have more control than ever as the NWO bank of the world.

Rotten Eggs And The New S510 Push A Coincidence? NOT!
More high treason going on in Washington. The Feds are handing food distribution in this
country over to Homeland Security. When you read the term 'Homeland Security' replace it
in your mind with the words 'Big Brother'. George Orwell must be laughing in his grave at
what idiots we have elected, or are they just doing as they are being told. It has
happened before.

The Greatest Covert Operation Ever: The Politics of Terror as the Business of Terror
A very good article which I feel just stops short taking the gloves off. But the message is
clear to the issues we face.

Better read this before 'The Powers That Be' take it down off the net. Much to process here.

The Extraordinary Tale Of Red Rain, Comets And Extraterrestrials
On this site I have written about the affects comets have upon the development and alteration
of life on our little planet. After reading and seeing the visible evidence at this link you can
learn more at 'But Wait, There's More' under 'The Sun Also Cycles' on the menu bar to the left.

America's Holy Crusade Against The Muslim World.
Years ago, one of my teachers described in a lecture entitled 'The Coming Crusades' the current
situation between Christianity and the Muslim world which the United States has been spearheading
for some time now. My teacher also described the main leaders and who they reincarnated from. The
dark side of history is repeating itself. If you are interested in obtaining a recording of this
information from the original source here is a link where it is available.
Link to the net article from the title above.

Dangers Of High Fructose Corn Syrup . . Mercury
This video and others at this link contain much warning information in case you are unaware of the
poisoning we subject ourselves to every day. Worth a look. Be informed to make wiser choices.

FDA To Baxter: Start Telling The Truth
Yes, this is the same 'Baxter' who last year was responsible for the virus infected swine flu
vaccines which were spread across Europe. Appears they are chronic offenders in regards to our
best interest. Keep them on your radar and read your labels.

12 Most Toxic Fish (For Humans and the Planet)
This is not good news for us who enjoy different varieties of fish.

Americans Eat Too Much Meat, Not Enough Fruit, Says USDA Research
If you don't believe it just look in your own kitchen and refrigerator.

What Is HAARP?: Videos, Photos And Three Short Articles
Pretty good collection of material explaining what the HAARP Device is, how it works and
what it is doing to our world and even our minds. This tool of control is getting more
use with every week and WE are feeling its manipulations.

FYI: Introduction to the 'elites'
I often bandy about a label term which blankets a group whose global control we have come to
live under, for now anyway. But this powerful cabal structure is cracking and struggling to
maintain its hold on the masses. This video reveals just a few of its tentacles. There are
many more to expose once you start following their 'Illuminati bloodline'.

USS Liberty Survivor Threatened by Unknown Israeli
If you don't know the story of the USS Liberty then you are out of the loop. This cover up
in our history is coming to the surface and some of the guilty are not very pleased with
what is being exposed. Previously here I have posted articles with video's explaining
the what, where, when and who in this hushed up event in US history.

The Mosque of Misdirection
Much disinformation has been swirled up by the spin masters in this country. In an attempt to
ferret out those doing the heavy work in this particular frenzy I am posting this article for
your consideration. I am not taking sides on this issue but I am very interested in where the
truth may be found.

Are The Thought Police Knocking On Our Door?
The joys of new technology and the dark ways they are being used. For every researcher who
develops a tool to help mankind there is a 'paranoid dark suit' ready to use it in their
perverse endeavor.

GM Salmon May Go On Sale In US After Public Consultation
Frankenfish in every grocery store. How we will eat ourselves into new darker waters.

The Strange Case Of Solar Flares And Radioactive Elements
New particles are hitting earth from the sun and scientists have no clue as to what they are.
These just may usher in the subtle altering codes to our DNA which I wrote of in the section
on this site 'But Wait, There's More.' These could very well be gifts from space. Only the
unknown results may keep the mentally unprepared in a fear mode.

Australia Bans Flu Vaccines In Children After Vomiting, Fevers, Seizures
Big Pharma is not finished forcing flu vaccines upon the public. The latest round of their fear
mongering has hit the wall in Australia and we need to take notice for the next onslaught in
the northern hemisphere. Protect your immune system and refuse the temptation to be shot.

US Prepares For Gold Standard

Axing the Bankers' Money Tree: Homeowners' Rebellion against Wall Street
If you are caught in the mortgage foreclosure debacle or know of someone who is, this
article just may keep you/them off the streets. In other words, the banksters are
being beaten at their own game, and you can join in the party. Have a nice day.

Hitler 'Had Jewish And African Roots', DNA Tests Show
What this article does not mention is that his Jewish roots are directly tied to the
Rothschild bloodline. Hitler was an illegitimate love child of one of the Rothschild's
sons. Adolf's mother was a maid in the Rothschild home, became pregnant with the
'future Fuhrer' and was cast out of their employment. Who says history is boring?
Research this little ditty for yourself.

Bancor: The Name Of The Global Currency That A Shocking IMF Report Is Proposing
Read this article just so when the spin masters on the news deliver the info you will
already know the story behind the story. Keep in mind to not let this currency take
hold in the public's use. All we have to do is refuse to use it or take it as
'return change' in our daily transactions. This will be a 'passive resistance'
and we will succeed in not allowing the conversion in short time.

US Military 'Overwhelmed' By Mental Health Problems Of Soldiers
Could this possibly be their conscience coming into conflict with their new consciousness?
Whether we 'mentally' let it in or not, at this time we are evolving as a species. Every
single one of us is experiencing the transition. Some are having a harder time than
others. No one is being left out. The sad reality of all this is that the 'evolution'
will not be televised.

Outrage At UN Decision To Exonerate Shell For Oil Pollution In Niger Delta
This injustice could happen anywhere, oh wait, I think it already has. Take note of the
average human life expectancy in this area. Could be a harbinger of what is blowing
ashore in the Gulf complete with similar government collusion.

1934 Film 'The House Of Rothschild'
Ok boys and girls, it's time to warm up the popcorn butter and sit yourself down for a 'wayback
machine' history lesson. Time alters the circumstances, but the same lessons go unlearned
via camouflage.

Top US Senator Assassinated As Obama “Weather War” Plunges World Into Chaos
Not my headline, but if the shoe fits . . When I saw that Stevens and a former NASA administrator
were in that downed plane last week I had an intuitive moment while reading the account. I had
a feeling the crash may somehow have been associated with the HAARP Device. Well, here is an
article I received this morning. As one of my teachers often says,"There is no such thing as

Autism Research Finds Empirical Link Between Multisensory Integration And Autism
This article is identifying these children as not being able to process the world around them.
When in fact many are refusing to allow the programming of the current world in to their minds.
Read this article then also the section on this site 'Power To The People' to learn more about
what is really going on with most of these new kids.

BP Whistleblowers Paying High Price for Confessions
Some coincidences are just to hard to ignore if they are they coincidences at all.

Mounting Opposition to GMO Crops: The World’s People Reject Genetic Pollution of Food and the Environment
People around the world are not allowing GMO crops to strangle their food supplies and invade
their bodies. How is it in America we are so complacent to not do the same. Fluoride is proven
to make people docile and just perhaps we have been 'dumbed down' to the point of being
considered 'homo-livestock'. There is much going on, on all sides.

Arab TV chief: 9/11 Mosque Would Be 'Monument' To Terror
If this article is true then we need to question who may be behind this hate based ploy to
keep the 'false flag' flying in our faces.

How the US created al Qaeda
Short video history lesson. I have previously read a number of articles by respected journalists
on this topic. Consider this video the tip of the iceberg. Understand and process your history
and when you do, the present will appear much clearer.

PharmaWHO Swine Flu Fraud Linked to Journalists' Murders; Part 1
Another whistleblower lightworker is being framed by the elites. This time Dr. Leonard Horowitz
is being falsely accused. He has been an outspoken opponent of Big Pharma for some time and
now the 'criminal elite' are threatened by his inroads to expose them. Named personalities
are also mentioned here. A couple of which will surprise you for their roles.

Polish Investigative Journalist Disappears After Being Arrested
This journalist was looking into that Polish plane crash that killed(?) 96 of that countries
ruling government. Witnesses at the crash site confirm there were no bodies at the site and
video exists of the four plane crew members being shot-executed at the crash site. If this
account is true then something is rotten in Warsaw. I doubt you have sen this news burst
on the nightly news.

An Implantable Antenna
And it will be so good for you. Oh the benefits to mankind. Hey, let's use it over here to
keep an eye on this guy.

Losing Hope: The Final Attachment
This is a newsletter I started receiving which often offers a few points to consider during
this time of transition. I am posting the link here in the interest of sharing that you may
consider reading these also. We are all in this together yet we all travel alone.

Trauma, Abuse In Childhood Linked To Shorter Lifespan, Weaker Immune Response Later In Life
Sometimes no matter what we try to do for our physical health some problems linger and never
seem to go away. This article addresses deep energetic and mental wounds. Though not
addressed in the article, forgiveness and addressing our Core Belief issues on an
energetic level are known as critical elements for a path to recovery, both
mentally and physically.

U.S.-China Conflict: From War Of Words To Talk Of War
FYI. The provocateurs are enlisting many 'friends' in the region. Much sword rattling and
beating of chests as they dance in circles. The Dragon may not sleep much longer. Also, did
you know that just about all the fluoride that is put into America's drinking water comes
from China? And only a few water providers are beginning to realize there may be something
else in those chemicals. I hope you are filtering fluoride from your drinking water. The
'To Your Health' section on this site explains why fluoride on its own is so detrimental
to your health.

Much Oil Remains in Gulf, Researchers Estimate
Truth be known. Occasionally glimpses of reality come to the surface. This is long from
being over. And next to no one will even touch the topic of the Biloxi well head being
tipped over and releasing raw crude just a few miles from all the action.

We Are Privileged, Not Entitled
Here is a video reminder of how privileged we are to experience this world. And perhaps
it may also serve as a reminder that we are not entitled to desecrate what has existed for
many thousands of years before us.

Drug Money: The Unhealthy Profit of Big Pharma
Billions upon billions. Follow the money of Big Pharma and what is being done to stop
the insanity. The billion dollar fines companies receive are simply considered as their
cost of doing business. A drop in the bucket, compared to $300 billion in profits they
reap. And your trusted physician also plays a major role in their program. This video
is worth viewing. Pharmaceuticals have a place but also warrant serious considerations.

Big Brother: Obama Demands Access to Internet Records, in Secret, and Without Court Review
Do you Yahoo? If so then you are in 'good(?)' company because the NSA is digging into
most everything there. This article even has a link to a Yahoo company pdf of guidelines
for requesting such information. Everyone has procedures and these lead to your forums.

The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE Is Evolving
While President Obama vacations on the Gulf for a few days of photo-ops and 'pressing the
flesh' with local politicians here is what the natives are experiencing every day. Clues may
may already be in your neighborhood. But that's only if you live within a thousand miles
of this eco-disaster that just keeps on giving and giving. Be sure to read the comments
and locations they are from. After reading the article consider one or both of these
personal options. and/or

USF Says Government Tried To Squelch Their Oil Plume Findings
A St. Petersburg paper reveals great insights with local pressures to suppress evidence. NOAA,
the Coast Guard, BP and Washington appear to be in the same boat of smoke and mirrors.
And the President is playing on a Pompano beach, have a nice day.

Swine Flu Advisers' Ties To Drug Firms: Five WHO 'Experts' Linked With Vaccine Producers
Said it before and will say it again,"follow the money and the rats will be exposed." Also,
Baxter is mentioned in the text and it just so happens that Baxter is behind the 'framing'
of Jane Burgermeister. See the two related articles I posted below here on that fiasco.
Baxter has a history of significant offenses and has paid substantial fines in the past.

Jane Burgermeister Is Being Terrorized By Big Pharma
      Jane Burgermeister is a very dedicated whistleblower journalist who last year blew the lid
off Big Pharma's false flag swine flu pandemic. She is a patriot for humanity and now she is
being terrorized like someone in Communist Russia from years ago. She is being singled out as
an example for all to see as to what will happen when the dark side is contested. I was sent the
following request by Mike Quinsey a respected lightworker.
      "There is a movement growing that is calling upon everyone to support Jane, because of attempts
against her to have her declared mentally unstable. She is presently being held in Austria
waiting for a judge to decide what action to take.
      Jane courageously took a stand against the Pharma companies in respect of swine flu vaccines,
revealing the real purpose of them. In revenge they appear to be behind a move to falsely
imprison her, and it has been decided that the best help we can give her is to send masses
of Light.
      Until the outcome is known, if you can spare 5 minutes each day thinking of Jane and sending
her your love, we may be able to create a situation where truth prevails and Jane is set free.
There is immense power in such an exercise, and if enough of us can do it, we may yet defeat
the dark Ones behind the attempts to take Jane out of the public eye.
      It seems that the battle between the dark and Light is becoming more intense, but we who are
of the Light have the advantage of knowing it is all powerful.
      I would thank you for any help you can give, as more than ever we need to stick together."

Jane; Part II With Video Message From Jane
At the bottom of this petition request is a videotaped message from Jane recorded perhaps
earlier this week. Jane is facing persecution by the Elites because she is a patriot for
humanity. Please watch the video and keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

How The Spooks Took Over The US
Short video with a glimpse of who, where and how. Connect the names and faces together with
history and whaa-la, the dizzying ride of this country hits the wall of our insight. Follow
the money and you'll understand how we have been treated as cannon fodder by the Powers That
Be. We can not change history but by knowing our history we can change our future.

Hidden Intelligence Operation Behind the Wikileaks Release of "Secret" Documents?
It appears the US government has its own department to release disinformation under
the guise of 'leaked intelligence', only in this case it is called Wikileaks. Spy vs Spy.
Much to to in the propaganda business, one of America's high growth industries.

BP's Insidious Coverup And Propaganda Campaign: Out of Sight, Out Of Mind
Keep a jaundiced eye on the media, the government and the paid off scientists. We are witnessing
how the propaganda machine is pushing this issue far behind and below the surface, pun intended,
attempting to put a fresh happy face on this disaster which the creatures and humans of the
Gulf Coast will be forced to live with for decades. Not to mention the sickness and diseases
which will stem from this eco-holocaust. And it is happening RIGHT NOW. Oh, one more thing.
The Reuters News organization is a Rothschild owned business. Control the media and you
control the news.

The Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets
Not to instill fear in but to inform you of what is going on right under your fingertips. No need
for a camera on your street, they are already in your room monitoring every emotion. Like the
old song lyrics by Sting, "every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you."

Influential Newsweek Magazine Sold for $1 To CFR’s Super-Rich, Pro-Israel Harman Couple
Remember the phrase "the power of the press"? And to think it could have been had for $1. Keep
this article in mind when your subscription comes up for renewal. Remember, we have the power
of free will as individuals to make a difference and it is starting to show.

Every 2 Days We Create As Much Information As We Did Up To 2003
The 'technocrats' have created a self-fulfilling machine. There are think tanks processing
this data and based on the 'chatter' the human mind creates technology can now predict
future events with very high accuracy. The release of this 'crystal ball' information may
be what Schmidt refers to as "the world is not ready for the technology revolution that
will be happening to them soon." Could it be they understand the power of mass
consciousness in determining outcomes of trends?

From The Propaganda Mill
Scientists Skeptical Of Obama Claims BP's Spill Doesn't Threat Gulf
Now I'm not a scientist but I do remember the Valdeze incident. Much less oil was spilled over
20 yrs ago and the effects are still present. This a whitewash in progress to set BP free
of continued accountability. I believe it may be very safe to say shame on this President.

Using Fear & Prejudice To Attack Vaccine Exemptions
Big Pharma is gearing up the fear machine for their seasonal sales boom. Don't get suckered
into creating a health issue you may deeply regret.

Studies Prove that These Drugs Make Your Brain Stop Working…
I'll be willing to bet most of you have these over the counter drugs (OTC) in your medicine
cabinet right now and you probably take them regularly. Knowledge provides the insights
to possess wisdom. But it is only through how we use that acquired knowledge that may
eventually lead to wisdom.

G1.9 Confirmed A Binary Red Dwarf Star
My post yesterday of the solar eruption may be directly related to this newly released
information. Our solar system is currently traveling through a crowded part of the Galaxy
and we will be influenced by forces we have never experienced before. Kind of like riding
on a new roller coaster for the first time and everybody has a front seat. Noted Astronomers
around the world are in conflict with NASA (Not A Straight Answer) and for very good
reason. Read the whole article.

Recently I posted a few articles where scientists admitted they don't know what to
expect concerning this solar cycle. Well, now we will all learn first hand in an up close and
personal style. A series of major eruptions have occurred on the sun as were expected
to occur sometime during this 'solar cycle 24'. A huge event has occurred and with
effects unknown for our planet. Subscribe to this free link and receive solar updates
as they are posted on this trusted space weather site, and 'trusted' is
a key word.

Return Of The Ancestors
The Maya and many other indigenous Indian nations are coming together as their prophecy
said they would at this time. Their teachings and wisdom are so important to all of us.
You can subscribe for updates as more information develops.

How Bad Science And Bad Media Aid Government Scam Artists
Connecting the dots and fleshing out the cycles of deception.

Your Smart Phone Is Watching You
Some time ago I posted an article discussing how Facebook is being used as a collection
site for creating psychographic profiles on users and this article outlines how such
activity is also taking place with your hot new phone. Buyer be ware.

Google And CIA Plough Millions Into Huge ‘Recorded Future’ Monitoring Project
Here's another one from the 'heads up' department. The Feds 'paranoia machine' appears
to be running at full throttle. I can hear George Orwell from the grave saying,
"I told you so."

BP And Obama Are Lying
In addition to this information, did you hear the recent network news report that BP will
pay the $20 billion through what they would normally pay in taxes? So, they will divert
from their tax bill and label it 'disaster cleanup' and it will show up as a cost of doing
business, thus reducing their tax bill, which is a hoax in itself. This is a corporate
sham and Washington will sing its praises. Keep your eye on the ball and follow
the money.

Flood Your Body With Oxygen
During this period of transition additional stresses are being placed upon our bodies
and minds. Stress reduces our bodies immune systems abilities to keep pathogens at
bay and eliminate them from our systems. I personally have started an oxygen regimen
with 'Essential Oxygen' drops as a supplement. This product is not mentioned in the
linked article but worth considering in you regular health maintenance program. Here
is the address to cut and paste for that site and more information.

The Greatest Speech for Humanity
This is an 11 minute audio recording by David Icke. David is worth looking into if you're
not already familiar with him. During this period of high frustration and blatant abuses
of power this message has key concepts to keep in mind. We are the ones at the leading
edge of the 'tipping point'. We are the ones who are influencing others who follow. Our
actions and words are raising the consciousness of everyone we meet. We are lightworkers
and no one needs to be left behind.

Chemtrails Don't Exist?
I have not addressed the subject of 'chemtrails' on this site because the evidence was not
'hard' enough for me. New material has come forward to now consider them as a reality.
I forwarded this video to a retired career commercial airline pilot who also held an
administrative position with the Airline Pilots Association Intl.. He verified this video
did not show a 'contrail' of usual type for a number of reasons, but it does reveal
something else being dispersed into the air from a tanker aircraft. You can Google
'chemtrails' for yourself and find out much about these.

Lobbyists Call Bluff On 'Daschle Exemption'
The most polluted district in this country is the one named Washington DC. This article has
little to do with raising your spiritual consciousness but much to do with raising your
awareness of the 'illusion' we call reality.

Illuminati Meet This Week For Satanic Rituals
This gathering started a few days ago. I didn't see any available tickets on craigslist.
Just kidding. But I do hope someone can provide followup info after the gathering.
Wikileaks did post an invitation list of the 2008 gathering and it is long with many
many recognizable names. If this article is at all accurate then there are some pretty
sick puppies running around out there.

How The BP Gulf Disaster May Have Triggered A 'World-Killing' Event
Not a comforting headline. But this article describes what is not being released to the public.
Credible sources, including NOAA, are cited in the reading and leaked information may be more
dire than the public could bear. The direction thoughts of the mass consciousness takes has
been proven to have direct effects on physical results. It may be time to put your intentions,
meditations and affirmations to use here asking mother earth to not let this event occur. We
have already avoided other tipping points by raising our consciousness and this just may be
another test for humanity.

Money Laundering And The Global Drug Trade Are Fueled By The Capitalist Elites
Well researched article with insights directly leading to the Wachovia/Wells Fargo banksters,
our very own homeland security(?) agency and the CIA to mention just a few.

The Secret History Of Our Downfall - Video Interview
He is one of the original whistleblowers of the last century who is now passed away.
This piece of historical record exposes some mind blowing revelations concerning the
Ford. Rockeller, Carnegie and other grand foundations. When watching this, keep in
mind the current Gates Foundation and you may connect some dots for yourself.

Go Local vs. Super-sized Chains
Like locusts sweeping across the land devouring everything in their path. We can
make the difference in every town across this country. We have the option to add
to the problem or be a part of the solution.

Florida Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA and Army Experiments
Interesting article and perhaps something worth keeping on your radar.

Asteroid Impacts Subject To Congress Bill
Here's one so stupid I had to include it as a comic relief. But unfortunately it
is true. Just how do you stop the rain Congressman?

Space Weather Turns Into An International Problem
Houston, we have a problem. From NASA, the Not A Straight Answer club, comes the revelation
that they don't have all the answers. At least those brainiacs are now understanding the
earth and sun are directly connected. Any school child could have told them that by just
going outside on a sunny day and feeling the heat of the suns rays. Point is, these guys
know so much they are now useless.

A Puzzling Collapse Of Earth's Upper Atmosphere
("Something is going on that we do not understand,". A phrase issued by scientists we will
hear much more often in the coming weeks and months.)

New Page Added To This Site
Face The Music
(If you think music in all its forms are just amusement then guess again. This site page
will change your perceptions and open your eyes to greater awareness. When I found this
information it was a WOW moment and knew it had to be spread further. See for yourself.)

Raids Are Increasing On Farms And Private Food-Supply Clubs
(Going slightly unnoticed is the fascist food movement by the US government. This article
is an account of a few of the goings on lately.)

Reuters Reports That Artepharm Global's Artequick Eradicates Malaria
(If Big Pharma can put a patent and trademark on something then it will be broadcast as a savior
to the public. Jim Humble invented the Miracle Mineral Supplement years ago and has completely
eradicated malaria in the people who have used it. The AMA has been after Mr. Humble to stop
its use. Fortunately for us they have not been successful. So goes the power of Big Pharma.
Read more about MMS and Jim Humble on this site under 'To Your Health on the side bar.)

BP Photoshops Fake Photo Of Crisis Command Center, Posts On Main BP Site
("Smoke and mirrors" should be their mission statement. Have you ever seen the Dustin Hoffman
film "Wag the Dog" or Jim Carey's "The Truman Show"? Rent them, they are insightful to the
times we are living in.)

Media Coverage Responsible For Growth In Vaccination Rates
(The media loves a disaster, crying young mothers and fear of death. When the swine flu outbreak
occurred a year ago this last April I was in New York City and every news show on TV appeared
to be in competition to raise public anxiety to fever pitch. Network half hour news programs
devoted twenty minutes to trumped up accounts of sniffles and shortages of Tamiflu capsules.
And Big Pharma laughed all the way to the bank. The communications systems of America are
leading the public around by the nose and the elites are running the slaughter house.)

Well Cap Causing Seabed to Leak — Engineer
(Risking being cited as a fear monger I post this article. Not to create anxiety but to keep
you informed of the 'reality' of the situation. The leaking seabed has been an ongoing event
from the start of this 'train wreck' and has not been reported widely in the general
media. Also all earlier reports were that the pressure at the well head was 100,000 psi,
now they are saying it is about 6,000, that's a lot of missing psi's perhaps going out
sideways from the eruption point deep underground. All we can do is hope for the best.)

Interview With LBJ's Mistress On JFK Assassination
(I have been told many lies and truths will come forward during the cleansing of the planet.
This video interview is just one with insights to one of the greatest crimes of the last
century. Many deathbed confessions are coming forward to clear their conscious.)

BP Buys Up Gulf Scientists For Legal Defense, Roiling Academic Community
(Now the spin doctors will have their way to clog the courts with corporate directed lies,
deceit and denial. How many of our fellow countrymen will be willing to sellout humanity
and their soul for the elites agenda allowing BP to shun responsibility of this eco-disaster.
The mass media machine will also downplay the proceedings as nuisance charges. Act II is
about to begin and the actors are gathering behind the curtain.)

EPA Chief Calls For More Authority Over Dispersants
(Blatant evidence the Federal Government takes a backseat to the whims and power of BP.
It is clear the corporate agenda is all powerful over the health concerns for humans,
animals and the ecosystem of this planet. Our time is now to change the old ways of
doing business. We are the one's we have been waiting for.)

Ukraine Milk Company Powered By 4,000 Cows And GE Biogas Engine
(Less than 12 farms around the world are currently using this technology. This should to be
adopted around the world asap.)

June, Earth's Hottest Ever: US Monitors
(Love the headline, as though time began when they started keeping records. It is getting
hotter across the solar system on every planet in preparations for the 'Shift of the Ages'.
The signs are all around us. What are you doing to raise your consciousness? it will
make the difference in how you react to the changes in the days and months ahead.)

Muslim Mob Kills Wife, Children of Christian In Pakistan
(This is the face of the current revival of the Holy War known historically known as
the 'Crusades'. Religion killing Religion for the sake of religion. The last person
standing may probably say "my god is the true god". The elites know that religion
is a perfect vehicle to wage wars and the current one if left unabated may out
last any remembrance of why it was ever started, if anyone even knows why this
one was created at this time.)

Know the Importance Of Taking Enough Magnesium With Your Vitamin D3
(Good info to understand if you are taking D3.)

Even The Troops Are Waking Up
(This is what is in the hearts of any conscious human whether they live here in this
country or abroad. NOW is the time to make a choice to align your intent to stop
being a disposable tool of the elites. We do matter, we are the ones we have been
waiting for that will change the face of humanity. Remember this every day of your

Stop Spraying Corexit - Add Your Name
(A short video with some insights about Corexit. This pretty much comes down to being an act
of genocide. Not only of the ecosystem but to any human being in its path. And the winds
will blow its effects far and wide across the south eastern states of the USA.)

The Source Of Life Energy Flow
(A simple exercise to increase your well being. And it only takes a couple of minutes.)

Soul Solutions . . Answers From Within
(A very gifted lady has launched a new website to assist all of us on our personal path.
Linda's insights are based both on over four decades working in astrology and nearly as
many dedicated to Spiritual awareness. See what she is all about then subscribe to the
free email newsletter. I have known Linda for a few years now and she is the 'real deal'
working from the heart and soul. This is a great service which she is now willing to
share with everyone during this time of rapid transition. This is a rare offering,
don't put this aside.)

Population Explosion Scrutinized As Scientist Urge Politicians To Act
(Interesting article citing that cheap 'fossil fuel' (google 'abiotic oil' for an eyeopener on
earths oil) is one of the causes of overpopulation when alternative power sources have been
hidden from public awareness for over 100 years. A greater problem than growing population
is how the secreting of advances in technology have contributed to the squandering of natural
resources. This is a crime against humanity perpetrated by the greed mongers. Need I say
'global elite' banksters and oil companies who are controlled by the Rothschild crime
family and their minions. No need for fear as their time is short and they are imploding
under the weight of public awareness and our awakening.)

Pentagon Provokes New Crisis With China
(Much flexing of ego's and might. And to what end? An attack on China would mean no more white
crew socks or lead laden toys for our kids. It would alter the ways of the western hemisphere
with the touch of a button. Just perhaps, these saber rattlers are poised nearby for the armada
that is already parked off the coast of Iran, as a supporting player. Such foolishness.)

BIS Gold Swap - Best News To Hit Gold In 30 Years?
(When you read 'BIS' what this really says is 'Rothschild dynasty'. Think the price of gold is
high now? Just wait until this settles in. It will go to the moon and they will hold all the physical
gold and only issue paper statements of ownership which are as valuable as swamp land in Florida.
If you are considering gold as a safe haven for some of your cash assets, get it physically in hand.
Don't get suckered with paper promises.)

Federal Bureau of Intimidation
(Just because someone asks you a question it doesn't mean you have to answer them. This
real life video is a good example to see for yourself how one person handled a face to
face confrontation at their home. Remember, don't get excited, keep your cool. They
are just another human just like you, nothing more or less.)

Scientists Expected Obama Administration To Be Friendlier
(It appears it is business as usual from the Oval office. Be careful when voting this
November. Who you put in office may be someone with the guts to contribute to
humanity instead of participating in the 'business as usual'.)

Southern California Faults Are Feeling The Pressure
(The Gulf is hogging most of the news but mother nature is not taking a break in activity

A Small Piece Of Our World
(A beautiful reminder of the diverse creatures who live in the sea and live in harmony.
So what is wrong with the human species that they can not also.)

Sea Shepherd At Deepwater Ground Zero. ***Exclusive footage***
(Video shot July 6th. This is a crime against all living things.)

Is US Government Protecting BP And What Is Really Happening In The Gulf?
(Follow the money and let the heads roll. A few years ago I would have said "hang'em from
the lamppost". Now with the shift happening I believe we can eradicate them this November,
then let their past actions catch up with them in the investigations.)

The $600 Billion Challenge
(Interesting article especially since the Rockefeller Foundation has been so deep in
eugenics/genocide since about 1900 and Gates is on the same tract since the 1990's with
their own programs of sterility and genocide in 3rd world countries. Oddly, no mention of
this in the article . . . The Barons are passing the baton. Gates is mentioned here as searching
for a malaria remedy . . The words Miracle Mineral Supplement immediately come to mind and has
already proven itself the leading way to not only cure the symptoms but completely remove malaria
from the body. The AMA and FDA are both on the heals of Jim Humble, creator of MMS, to stop its
distribution because it would financially ruin Big Pharma and its cycle of deception. Gates also
poured all the money needed into building the seed bank in Norway for after the apocalypse.

Over all, this appears as a nice back slapping group of egos who will inject their $ into
the Gates program, Big Pharma vaccines then perhaps even join the United Nations as a
philanthropic adjunct taking over the torch from the Rockefeller foundation to put a new
face on charity and add a new 'hipness' to the New World Order program. The Rockefeller's
history of self-serving genocide is catching up to them after so many years. This could be
troubling for the uninformed and less fortunate both here in the states and around the world.)

Super Natural Silver FRAUD
(Alex Jones is relatively known in the alternative news arena. What is coming more to light
about him is that he is a tool of the elites. This has been widely published on YouTube and
other net sites. Now here is more damning evidence of his ties to the Dark side. So, buyers
of this product and Jones points of view need to be aware.)

Your Diet Could be More Important Than Your Genes
(Sure, there are some traits which we accept through our genes but the old saying,
"you are what you eat", has even more relevance than ever before.)

What Would You Do If You Knew?
(This is a radio interview you must listen to. Jeff Rense with Cliff High, whose
track record of predicting events -- through ALTA (Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis)
is very credible. The prediction for the USA in late July-early August is SERIOUS in
the extreme. If you are located in the 48 states below latitude 40, please consider
preparing for possible food, water, etc., shortages.... A one-month food and water
supply is a wise choice at this time. Not from fear, but with a clear understanding
of what's happening..... Thank you Linda and Carol for sending this to my attention
and share here.)

FDA Suppresses Cancer Cures
(New information to obtain for when you or a loved one needs it. 25% of us are
scheduled to die from cancer, don't allow yourself to one of that population.)

AP IMPACT: Gulf Awash In 27,000 Abandoned Wells
(This is mildly alarming. Think of it as drilling many holes into a piece of anything.
The structure will become weakened and subject to breaking apart under even modest
pressure. Now consider that there is 100,000 lbs. of pressure per sq. inch in the
drill hole as we are told to believe. With the Deep Water explosion, we have
been served a problem by the elites. This is so because they are taking revenge
for political reforms being set against them in the banking industry and on
Wall Street. This really is a matter of showing the world who is boss and who
is in control of our lives. Don't get emotionally caught up in their agenda.
This game is quickly coming to an end and so will their manipulations of humanity.)

Ethical Issues Ignored In Sustainability Education
(In this time of consumerism and crimes against our planet this article raises
important questions. Where do feel you are in the big picture? Then seriously
answer whether you are walking the talk or is your ego speaking for you.)

TSA to Block "Controversial Opinion" On The Web
(So, how do you create a dedicated following by you employee base? . . Control what they
see, hear and think. Snooping in personal emails has long been a policy within companies.
Now viewing controversial sites will be looked upon as violating corporate policy. Just
one more step in their game of mind control.)

A Short Political 'Insight' Video
(This clearly illustrates who is on the side of the people of this country and which ones
are controlled by the oil corporations. Vote accordingly this coming election season.)

First Amendment Has Been Suspended
(Here it is boys and girls, the screws are tightening. If you live in the USA enjoy this
Holiday weekend and remember why it was declared a Holiday in the first place. Welcome to
the Corporate States of America.)

Nearly A Million Organ Donations Improperly Recorded
(Hey, parts is parts, right? It appears the gov feels they have the right to you even after
death. The old movie Soylent Green comes to mind. The elites are speeding up their agenda
and each of us needs to make a conscious stand to protect our freedoms and personal rights.)

Obama 'Internet Kill Switch' Plan Approved By US Senate Panel
(I posted the introduction of this bill here a few months ago. Now it is marching its way
into being a reality. Hitler and other Fascists in Europe at the time also took control
of the popular media and shut them down when needed to isolate populations in order
to keep civil unrest contained to small geographical regions. This better enabled the
suppression of widespread uprisings. The net is a 'dangerous' tool which governments
are afraid of and when the time is right they will again pull the plug on
freewheeling communications.)

Bill Clinton Says Bomb the Gulf When Asked About Obama And BP Oil Spill
(I don't care what anyone says, Bill is inhaling again. If he took the time to do his
homework he would understand that such a move would cause the methane dome
which rising below the surface of the Gulf to explode much sooner than it
may. This could get much uglier, real fast.)

Who Really Controls BP?
(This video spells it out rather well by a recognized academic.)

Airport Body Scanners 'Could Give You Cancer', Warns Expert
(The word 'could' was used because no testing was done on the long range effects of these
machines. Cancer does not show itself overnight. These machines are simply dangerous. You
have the right to the alternative 'pat-down' inspection by an agent of your sex and it will
benefit your health to simply ask for this. Why take the chance if your body type or
condition would open the door to cancerous growth. Speak up for yourself and take
charge of your life.)

Healthy Food Obsession Sparks Rise In New Eating Disorder
(No this is not a satirical article. This is the state of reasoning in the medical community.
Quick get the straight jacket, he's eating an apple.)

Why Governments Are Selling Vitamin D Short
(Healthy people may mean longer lives and longer lives may also mean more old age dependence
on social services. Also, healthy people do not need Big Pharma drugs or visits to their
doctors. So, in order to keep the streets clean of older pedestrians and ensure the
AMA prospers, we are programmed to live and die as they see fit. Is that OK with you?.)

Alert: Obama Warns World Leaders ‘Millions Could Die’ From Gulf Oil Disaster
(There are a number of related links within this article worth your going deeper.)

Former Marine Talks About Israeli Attack On Gaza Relief Ships
(From someone who was there. History repeats itself. Google "USS Liberty" for how
Israel attacked a US Military ship in the late 1960's and how it was hidden from
the worlds public. Why? Look at the big picture and do your homework.)

Grand Cross Full Moon 26 June
(Time to step up and pay attention. Our leisurely ride has just been upgraded
to the Gonzo level and being fearful will only keep you in the lower vibrations.
So get engaged and absorb the energies being presented to us. What a time to
be alive.)

The Rosicrucians
(The world is quickly turning upside down as expected it would during this time.
But that does not mean we have to with it. This informative video which explains
the ancient order of the Rosicrucians should not be confused with that of the
Freemasons. Many metaphysical writings offer similar guiding principles of
understanding and attaining enlightenment. We have choices which need to be
to be made and there are tutors to assist when you are ready.)

How The Ultimate BP Gulf Disaster Could Kill Millions
(This is not a dreamed up headline. Read this article then watch the video below.
The Genie may have been released from the bottle, but it ain't no Genie.)

Surf On Pensacola Beach Florida Boiling Like Acid!!!
(Video of gases percolating up through shallow water on the Pensacola coastline.)

Toronto Transformed Into Locked Down Police State
(With all the attention on the Gulf, this is what is going on at the G8 & G20 in
our neighbors country to the north.)

Indian Children Blinded, Crippled By Fluoride In Water
(If you have already read my section on Fluoride and Consciousness on this site and
for whatever reason were not convinced then here is a little more for your consideration.)

"We Mean Nothing To BP Or The Government"
(This woman is telling it as she is living it. This will not make the nightly news.)

Wal-Mart Told To 'Fugghedabout It' By Quinn, Union Leaders
(Next time you think to head down to Wal-Mart to grab one or two things, consider the
contents of this article before you do. Previously here I posted that they were
introducing locally farmed produce, that may have been their own publicity stunt.)

NASA Radar Images Show How Mexico Quake Deformed Earth
(Pass this one on to your friends who live in SoCal, slip-slidd'n-away.)

It's Raining Oil In Metro New Orleans
(This was anticipated by a few reports by alternative sources. Now it is a reality. Next
the foliage, grasses and growing foods in the precipitation path may turn yellow and die.
Another link in the chain of events.)

Tell BP: Put Cleanup Workers' Health Before Your PR
(Many people working the spill on the mainland are experiencing severe health effects.
Please take a moment to add your name to the list of supporters to help those who are
in the middle of this mess.)

Adios El Nino, Hello La Nina
(This may be informative in regards to the precarious situation currently in the Gulf
ie more tropical storms in the Atlantic.)

Is Fish Oil Safe?
(Not to be confused with the Gulf/fish/oil situation. We are talking about the
Omega-3 variety here and what you should be aware of pertaining to this latest
supplement craze. See if yours is on the list which could be detrimental to
your health.)

40,000 Deaths A Year Due To Junk Food
(These are the numbers. Can you count your future as being one of them?)

Just A Few Things BP Does NOT Want You to Know…
(These are reports from people on the ground and in the air not likely to make it to the
mainstream media.)

BP Was Told Of Oil Safety Fault 'Weeks Before Blast'
(Voices that will haunt this disaster forever are coming forward, but they will only serve as
a historical marker. Never again should be our mantra if this world is to be preserved.)

Corporate Atrocities Against Nature May Ultimately Destroy Human Civilization
(A not too far flung perspective in light of our transitional period now during the 'Shift'.
You could draw comparisons to the battle between the Light and Dark forces which are the
ying and yang of our 3rd dimensional duality. The elites corporate unconsciousness will
collapse but WE will have to make the difference to make sure it DOES happen.)

FDA Proposes Dangerous Vaccine Rule Change
(Aside from the Gulf disaster, other ongoing crimes against humanity are still ongoing.)

Confirmation That Vitamin D Deficiency Common Across A Range Of Rheumatic Conditions
(Remember, a full grown male is recommended to have 5,000 IU daily of vitamin D3 to help
maintain a healthy immune system. The power of vitamin D3 is becoming more evident as
more research findings are published.)

Canada Knocks Out Flu, U.S. Public Kept In The Dark
(Our friends to the north seem to care more about one another than the gate keepers do
in the USA.)

Whales Closer To Us Than Thought, Say Scientists
(Now to convince those who are employed in their senseless harvest. We could gain a lot from
whales if the same investment was given to learning as to their demise.)

BP's Other Gifts To America - And To The World
(Some interesting maneuvering on BP's part with the help of the good old USofA.)

Spill May Have Taken Its Largest Victim Yet
(This is getting sadder by the day. May some God help us.)

Feds Probe Gulf Spill Health Risks
(The disaster that just keeps on giving. Not to mention BP's night spraying of COREXIT over
residential populated shoreline communities.)

Brussels Tribunal Wants High-Seas Killers Charged
(If you have or will take the time to read the "House of Rothschild" article posted below
yesterday, this article will bring much into focus as to the history of terror that Zionism
appears to be locked into. Also, google "USS Liberty" and see how an attack upon a US Military
ship was conducted in the late 1960's, killed many personnel then was kept from the public's
knowledge. Very insightful for who are the puppets and who are the puppeteers. Learn what
you can before you decide where to pledge your allegiance.)

Guess Who Holds Patent For Carbon Trading Plan
(Follow the money and smell the rats.)

"The War is Worth Waging": Afghanistan's Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas
(Have you ever stopped and wondered why, honestly, why we are in Afghanistan besides it being our
main source of heroin? Minerals baby, MINERALS. China is buying up as many mineral rights in countries
around the world as fast as they can and since the US is broke, we are using and doing what we do
best, taking possession of lands by force as we have for decades. This is an interesting read.)

House Of Rothschild: No One Can Understand What Has Happened To The Planet Without Reading This
(I've said it before and here it is again. You will not understand where we are without
understanding where we have been. Whether it is called the New World Order, the Illuminati,
globalist banksters, the Elites or Mossad, they all infiltrated, staffed by and dedicated
to the Rothschild agenda. This detailed time line will even shed light upon the Gulf oil
disaster. Open your eyes to who the puppeteers are and how they pull our strings.)

BP Is Spraying Corexit At Night Over Alabama And Parts Of Florida
(They have been told to cease using this deadly way to hide the oil from the surface. Now
they are spraying this killer chemical over populated areas during night raids. Listen to
this interview with someone on the ground in the area. You will not see or hear of this
on any network or cable news show. This is a crime against humanity and it is happening
THERE RIGHT NOW. Also, the Goons who are chasing away reporters are a private paramilitary
group similar to Blackwater. This is getting uglier by the day.)

BP: ‘We care about the small people.’
(The fact that this term was even uttered by a top level company official gives full
understanding of how out of touch they are with their fellow human beings. The more
sound bites that come from BP, the more they reveal what they really are. Think twice
when you head to the pumps for that refill. This is where you are in control, use it.)

Gulf Of Deja Vu
(Ok boys and girls it's time to step into the 'Way Back Machine' for a good dose of here
we are again. This short video illustrates how far we have not come in the past 30 or so
years. It has a good closing punchline you may find raises your ire.)

The BP Oil Cover Up is Deadly
(One of many truths that will come forward in the coming weeks and months. This is a video
by one of the survivors.)

Was Gulf Oil Spill An Inside Job?
(Those who are faint of heart will toss this aside as conspiracy. Anyone who seeks the truth
will look at all the evidence then decide what they can live with. When you connect the dots
a bigger picture takes form if you can wrap your head around the magnitude of such an event.)

Economy Meltup Video
(See how the pieces fit together as it all falls apart.)

The Post War II New World Order Map: A Proposal To Re-arrange The World After An Allied Victory
(Those pesky globalist, they just don't give up. And the purveyors of their plan were some of our
historical hero figures.)

Indiana University Professor Explores Isaac Newton's Work In Alchemy
(Hey, everybody's got a hobby.)

BP Official Admits To Damage Beneath The Sea Floor: Dim Prospects For Stopping The Leak
(I look forward to the end of this disaster and hand wringing as much as anyone but this
information needs to be known. If this truly was a purposefully man made event then it
is pure evil in the truest sense of the word.)

The Rise And Fall Of BP
(Interesting historical perspective but failed to mention the creation of the Suez Canal
was intended to provide a water route for oil to England. The film 'Lawrence of Arabia'
is worth seeing again for many insights as to how oil became the power it is. As much
political intrigue then as today. Some things just don't change, it just gets deeper
and piled higher.)

Some Big Lies Of Science
(If this is too messy, you can eat it over the sink. If the author could also tie in our
time of 'The Big Shift' this would be a home run, but he is a scientist/professor so we
should not expect too much in this regard.)

It's Not Just In The Water
(The title says it all. A local TV station in Louisiana raises a stir and reveals a site where
you can track the public health issue for yourself.)

The American Cancer Society Runs With The Money And Away From The Cure, Part II
(Amazing the quackery we took as believable for so long.)

Gulf Oil Spill "Could Go on Years and Years" ...
(I especially find interesting how the large conservation groups of this country are
also in the pockets of BP. It appears the Bush and Cheney legacy lives on.)

BP Goons Block News Media
(Looks like Marshall Law on the beach. This is what is really going on at the
grassroots level. The major media will not show these confrontations.)

The American Cancer Society Runs With The Money And Away From The Cure, Part I
(If they found a cure they would put themselves out of business. And IT IS a big business
which plays upon your sympathies, heart strings and fears.)

Overexposed: US Leads The World In Radiation From Medical Tests, Raising Cancer Concern
(But don't look for this to change. Remember, business is good and sickness is good for
business. It's just the Orwellian business model in practice.)

Of Mosques And Men: Reflections On The Ground Zero Mosque
(More fire for you mind. I have been told we are living in the resumption of the Crusades on
top of everything else that is happening at this time. I believe this really is as it is called
a 'holy war' of ideologies. America's people have become complacent and I have stated
elsewhere on this site that fluoride in our drinking waters have contributed to this
significantly. We may have been rendered incapable of the clear thinking needed to
afford us our very survival.)

Bilderberg Meets In Spain
(Dissension and confusion in their group is a sign they are in a state of perhaps imploding.
This can only be taken as good news and we are doing our part as a global community to thwart
their global agenda. There are tougher times ahead for us but the light is visible at the end
of the tunnel. Keep the faith.)

Bilderberg Meeting: Act II
(George Soros is calling the shots and is foretelling the future. Funny how his lap dogs are
so obedient and act upon his every word.)

Ingredients of Controversial Dispersants Used on Gulf Spill Are Secrets No More
(One criminal act followed by another.)

Common Gene Variants Appear to Increase Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency
(Just because it is summertime in the norther hemisphere is no reason to back off on
vitamin D3. We take ours year round.)

Evidence Points To BP Oil Spill False Flag
(Early on I was informed this was a purposefully man-made event. The evidence is now
starting to stream in supporting this. There is no crime large enough that can not be
grasped from understanding now with our greater abilities of insight and communications.
The elites are having their death song right now like a beast who is not willing to accept
its own demise. We need to maintain our composure and not allow fear to guide our analysis
of their situation. They are imploding and will expect us to rally to their support.
Don't be fooled by their dragon tears.)

Banned GM Corn Found On German Fields
(If you believe this planting was a mistake, I have a nice oil rig in the Gulf I'd like to sell you.)

Pirates and PR
(Another point of view to consider in the Flotilla/Israeli confrontation. Keep in mind who
owns the mass media machinery when watching this report.)

The Lost Generation? . . NOT
(In light of the nasty transitional events happening in our world this is something to
keep in mind.)

In Defense Of Helen Thomas - On Apologizing To Apologists
(Those in power have disliked Helen Thomas because she did not play their game. Now they
have found the crack in her armor and have taken advantage of it to force her from their
ranks. This article looks at her biggest detractors and their personal profiles. The
media will be less of what it once was with out her critical observations.)

Oil Spill Cleanup Lies In Microbes
(Here is a proven method which has not been discussed by the media 'fear mongering'
machine. It has proven itself before as effective and there is no shortage of it, so
why is it being ignored? What is going on in the Gulf is another contrived 'false flag'
event. Just as 9/11 opened the flood gates to our loss of freedoms this will usher in
substantially higher fuel costs and forced standards of consumption which will allow
Big Oil to keep everyone under their control and in even higher profit margins.)

Something's Fishy
(Keep this video in mind during your next grocery shopping trip.)

Keep It Or Toss It?
(Your refridgerator can be a storage locker just waiting to make you sick. Here is a
good fast reference site full of pointers I'll bet you didn't know.)

WHO Scandal Exposed: Advisors Received Kickbacks From H1N1 Vaccine Manufacturers
(As the saying goes, "follow the money and you will find the rats". Remember this as
the next fabricated pandemic unfolds, and there will be another very soon.)

Bilderberg BP CEO Cashed (sold) 1.4 Million UKP Shares One Month Before Oil Spill
(Shades of 9/11 when short selling made huge profits for those suspected of ties
to that crime against humanity. This tragic 'kill off' of our ecosystem will be
revealed as an inside job once again. Can you say "Cap and Trade"? Thank you sir,
may I have another? This puke of a CEO said he wants his life back. Well so do the
11 people who lost their lives on that rig. I say hang him from a lamp post.)

NASA Keeping A Wary Eye On Space Weather
(Okay boys and girls, here we go. As we now know solar cycle 24 is now in gear and
producing coronal mass ejections (CME's) some of which have been noteworthy. The
'Not A Straight Answer Club' aka NASA is preparing to let everyone know what's
what leading to the lights going out. Some of their comments border on
comical in their naiveté.)

Bilderberg 2010: Final List of Participants
(Here's a part list my name is not on. How about yours? Interesting collection of 'the
usual suspects' now made public. Other more secretive types will surface as the week
goes on.)

Awakening As One: The Call
(Here is something you will want to be a part of. Become a participant in a
collective effort to usher in the positive changes as time accelerates in our
world. Watch the videos and pass the link on to everyone you know.
This is good mojo.)

David Icke and Jordan Maxwell in Conversation
(Informative conversation on consciousness by two of today's leading voices
in the field. A 1 1/2 hour video of encouraging feedback on the progress of
our evolution.)

Was Economic Collapse A Planned Power Grab?
(More clues coming to light leading to exposing the elitist agenda and main
players who are determining our future.)

Human-animal hybrids in life vs. death struggle
(Well boys and girls, it looks like the elite's eugenics program is not only still
in fine working order but Hollywood is now helping to usher in this information to the
public. Just as our DNA was 'amended' by off planet visitors hundreds of thousands of
years ago now the elites are on the cusp of perhaps reverting the human species back to
its origins of knuckle-draggers. This article and its links will make for interesting
late night conversations with friends over appropriate adult indulgences.)

Bill Gates Funds Covert Vaccine Nanotechnology
(Why is it when business men become barons of industry they also develop a "god complex".
Is it in their genes or just their raging egos needing to totally determine what they feel
is best for the rest of us. Gates can now be paralelled with the Rockefellar Foundations
devious eugenics programs of the last century. The Gates Foundation needs to be
monitored very carefully.)

BILDERBERG: Global Cabal Pushes Agenda Before Meeting In Sitges, Spain
(Couple this with the in-progress troop buildup off Iran and the 'Cardinal Climax' event
this July/August and we could be in for a summer not to be soon forgotten. I post this not
to instill fear but to motivate your personal plans for your well being.)

Fiat Money Supply Contracting at Great Depression Level
(The who and why the events of the summer will unfold.)

(What is being allowed to occur with the Gulf oil spill is unconscionable.
It is time for every one of us to 'step up to the pump' and take action.
And now there is talk of a bailout for BP? This ongoing tragedy must come
to an end NOW. NO MORE WAITING FOR BP's LIARS. Add your name to the list
and demand ACTION RIGHT NOW.)

New Insights On The Origins Of Man
(Very interesting info for anyone who is also a fan of Zacharia Sitchin. New info
to our evolution and who fine tuned our DNA.)

Taking Back the Money Power:
Costa Rica Volcano Erupts
(Another volcano coming on line. Things are shaking up.)

Taking Back the Money Power:
How Hidden Pools of Government Money Could Help Save the Economy
(The truth has been disguised and twisted around as a problem. We have the power
to make the changes needed, we just need the guts to make it happen. When your
chance comes to be a part of the solution don't be the last one to take action.)

Mind Control Theories And Techniques Used By Mass Media
(Solid factual information here, not an opinion. Wonder why we are being
'dumbed down'? Here is a clue to consider.)

US Begins Massive Air-Sea-Marine Build-Up In Mid East
(You may be wondering why I would post such a story. Read this short article and
make note of the July/August dates. Then read the article in the next story below
this one and . . presto, you have connected the dots.)

Rare "Cardinal Climax" Planetary Alignment, says Veteran Sky Watcher
(I originally posted this article on 4-13. It may be important to read it again.)

The Connection Between Solar Activity, Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes,
Weather and Cycles on Earth
(Things are starting to ramp up. Remember the melatonin connection and our
pineal's function?)

Children Get More Prescriptions All The Time
(I find this article particularly disturbing. In reading this you will see most of the
prescriptions were given for brain 'disorders'. Wake up parents, our children are being
sedated into zombie drones. And they are our hope for the future?)

Medicalization Of Human Problems Is A Growth Industry -- But What Does It Cost?
(A single voice of reason in the darkness. Big Pharma is all about Big Profits. We have been
brainwashed over decades and generations to believe the medical community is acting
in our best interest and nothing could be further from the truth. This article touches
the tip of an iceberg which will very quickly disappear from the surface.)

Report: Hazardous Chemical In Our Canned Food
(Another reason to keep your immune system in its optimum state of health.)

Now Independent Thinkers Are Considered Diseased By Psychiatry
(Sounds like what we were told how the USSR thought of their population during
the 60's. Many of their people were imprisoned under such suppression of individuality.
Read the section on the menu bar here 'Power to the People' and learn just why our
leaders are concerned to keep us all drugged-out. We need to be proud of our
uniqueness and experience life to our highest abilities.)

TUCKER TRUMPS TRILATS; Trilateral Commission Meeting Results
(Some good news, some bad news with insights in between. Read all the way to the
bottom for the future headlines of network news stories.)

Feds Tell Court They Can Decide What You Eat
(I think the Feds have been eating LSD and watching old Hitler newsreels again.)

Even Severe Depression Responds To Changing Thoughts
(Using your mind and not prescription drugs to get out of depression.)

Group Worries About Proposals To Allow Drug Marketing On Social Media Websites
(If you think advertising on TV is seductive wait til this happens. Social websites are
a breeding ground for unfounded trust and marketers will use this knowledge to perversely
pimp their wares to unsuspecting readers looking for insight from others who present
themselves as peers. Think of how child sex crimes are perpetuated on the net and you
will follow the logic. This can not be allowed to occur.)

New World In Disorder
(Good 10 min video from insider. Those in charge remain so by their 'spin doctors'
use of smoke and mirrors. We, YOU AND ME, have the power, we only have to use it

BP's Crude Politics and the Looming Environmental Mega-Disaster
(Round and round the pointing goes where it stops anybody knows.)

One of the Biggest Health Frauds EVER
(More fluoride revelations. I posted a new page to this site last week pertaining
to fluoride and Consciousness after many hours of research and writing. This
article posted by Dr. Mercola yesterday adds to the weight of evidence. Bottom
line, REMOVE FLUORIDE FROM YOUR BODY for a better life on many different levels.
Thanks Don for bringing this one to my attention.)

Slick Operator
(After putting out a PR blitz that "we will do everything possible . . blaa, blaa, blaa",
the Spin Meister's at BP are now finger pointing and using their lobbyist to worm their way
from responsibility. BP is not a good corporate player. Time to consider who you are buying
your fuel from and go across the street when you fill your tank.)

Laser Beams Detect New Structures, Show Maya Adept at 'Building Green'
(Now this is putting technology to good use.)

Many Pregnant Women Not Getting Enough Vitamin D: Prenatal Vitamins Help,
but Are Not Enough for Everyone
(For you or someone else who may be bringing new children into this world.)

The World Bank In The Hot Seat Over Land Grabbing
(First the global banksters wanted all our money. Now with real estate selling
at its lowest in years the World Bank is buying our actual farming lands. Soon
we will work as serfs under their reign in hopes of getting fed a few crumbs at
the end of the day. Welcome to the Middle Ages. "All watched over by machines
of loving grace", Richard Brautigan, 1967. Out of context but the quote is

Here Is One From The BS Propaganda Mill
Radio Tags Could Save Lives After Earthquakes
(This is a perfect example of how the elite use a catastrophe to promote
their agenda. An RFID chip will guarantee your being followed like a
game piece where ever you sleep, walk, fly or drive.)

More Than 520,000 Injured In Texting-Related Accidents
(And very few are going to raise an issue over this. Mainly because it is
'good' for business. The medical profession gets new customers, the car
insurance industry raises rates, the auto industry sells more cars, the
trickle down effects helps the economy. If someone is foolish enough to be
a part of this fad then their problems are of their own hand. Free will
always determines the outcome.)

Pineal Dimensional Attunement
(This is a free downloadable audio file which assists in decalcifying your
pineal gland. Scroll down the page, read the text and decide for your self.
If nothing else it's a good addition to your meditation routine.
I use it myself every day.)

Secret Gathering Of Trilats in Ireland
(The globalist are meeting once again to decide what to do with us.)

America at the Crossroads and the War on Gold
(Interesting article on the world financial collapse and greed. Greed will
scream and kick all the way to its demise. You could think of it as an
exorcism we will all be grateful for.)

Utah Sues Drugmakers Over Antipsychotic Marketing
(More States need to be proactive in this manner. The Feds are too busy stuffing
their coffers to be effective in their jobs, time to clean house and vote.)

China Cranks Up Africa Resources Drive
(Sounds a little threatening when another super-power does what the US has
doing for tens' of decades. The Dragon is hungry and it's gonna eat where
it wants to. Whoa to those who get in its way.)

5 Mins Daily "Green" Exercise Boosts Mental Health
(In this example, walking away from your problems is not such a bad idea.)

Fluoride Consciousness
(Over the weekend I uploaded a new page to this site. I hope you find it both
informative as well as interesting. I believe the info in this new section can
make a positive difference in our personal health and quest for greater awareness.
The link below will take you directly to it, Fluoride and Consciousness.)

US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig
(This is not good news on many levels. If it is true then it needs to be known far and wide.)

BIO Locks Out Media From Keynote Speeches
(So what kind of pep rally could this be to be so secretive. I hope there may be
someone in attendance with an ounce of integrity who will pass on those pearls
of wisdom that are bestowed upon that select crowd.)

Suspended Flu Jab Caused Fits In 67 Kids
(Not good to hear but should be aware of just the same. Another major pandemic 'scare'
will be unleashed in a very short time and will again be pimped by the media just like
the last one. Use your best judgment and act accordingly. Consider reading about the
value of vitamin D3 and Miracle Mineral Solution as reasonable alternatives.)

Could This 'Humble' Vitamin Hinder Future Cancers?
(I recently gave a presentation on fluoride which is in our foods and water and how fluoride
deposits build up in our pineal gland. Decalcification of our pineal gland will aide us in our
attaining higher awareness. Vitamin K2 is one of the tools we can use in this cleanup process.
I will add the fluoride presentation to this site in the next week with sources of other
suggestions for unlocking the powers of our pineal.)

'Experts' Call For Hike In Global Water Price
(Welcome to the dark ages. These WHO guru's must have put something in their
own Kool Aid, if you know what I'm saying.)

Volcano Showers Sand And Ash Over Guatemala
(More volcano's are coming on line.)

May Is Mental Health Month: "Live Your Life Well"
(Some basic guidelines to remember after reading the above two articles.)

Big Brother To Track Your Medication Compliance, Transmitters In Pills
(Sounds like something from Dr. Strangelove and James Bond but someone
is working on making this a reality. A pill a day may keep you from
being taken away, just a thought.)

FCC Raises The Red Flag About Cell Phone Hazards
(Well let's all celebrate, we are finally in step with the rest of the world
on this issue. The communications lobbyists have kept this from happening
for so long it has made this country look negligent in regards to the public's
health. Very soon there will be a new wave of phones which emit lower radiation
rates for sale at which time their advertising will scare us into buying the new
devices. And the wheels of the bus go round and round.)

Less Is More! Nanopatch Is 100 Times Better Than Needle And Syringe
(A vaccine is still a vaccine. Don't let the delivery fool you.)

More From Propaganda Mill
Genetically Engineered Crops Benefit Many Farmers
(GROW BABY GROW. Read the article to see what edible crops to substitute others for.)

Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined, Full Version
(I watched this over the weekend. One of the best explanations of how we got
what we have and who gave it to us. Very sobering facts of our world we need
to be aware of during these times.)

MS, Lupus Epidemics Tied To Aspartame
(While reading this article I found myself saying WTF a few times. Read
it yourself and see if you have the same reactions.)

Allergan Seeks $460K From A Defeated Plaintiff, Single Parent Of DEAD 7yr. Old
(Yep, the headline is not fake. Read this one, then calm yourself down.)

Russia Report Over 2 Million Dead In US As Mysterious Die-Off Continues
(If you can get this link to open there are other links within the text
to US news outlets which quantify the statements made. Every day the
unbelievable gets topped by even more shocking news.)

Link Between Solar Activity And The UK's Cold Winters
(Scientist just now have the courage to admit what I wrote on this site
over a year ago. It may be because my paycheck doesn't depend on their
funding. But a spike in occasional severe solar storms are making this
minimum solar period pretty interesting.)

Radiation from CT Scans Causes 29,000 Cancers A Yeary,
Kills 14,500 Americans
(Here is the information, but your free will will determine how you use it.)

Rats On Junk Food Pass Cancer Down The Generations
(We are what we eat and our grand kids are what we ate 30 years ago.
So,"Where's the beef?")

Candy-Like Tobacco Could Poison Children Say Researchers
(More on the Tic-Tac-Camels. This is really nuts.)

Former FEMA Officials Want to Stress the 2012 Apocalypse
(Here we go boys and girls. Now there may be an "official" word from those masterminds
of preparedness we have come to respect as FEMA.)

Days Are Turned To Nights, Ash Covers Everything In Sight
(Shades of Mt. St. Helen 1980. This is just the first of a few expected to let go.
It may be wise to consider what you would do and create your own plan to deal with
such an inconvenience in regards to food, water and living situation.)

Cheney, Rumsfeld Told Investigators To Whitewash 9-11
(When the fox runs the hen house the fox makes the rules or the hens are eaten by the
fox. What is not mentioned in this article is that a number of the said 911 conspirators
were in fact still alive after they were to have died in those attacks. They were simply
not in the United States on that date. When those same men made themselves known
to the world press afterwords they were ignored in the drama ramping up to the
Iraq war. Another not so funny item, the CIA trained al Qaeda years before.
Round and round it goes, on high spin cycle.)

Flavored Tobacco Pellets Are Denounced As A Lure To Young Users
(Looks like a candy, tastes like a camel. One to be on the lookout for if you have kids.
That this is even making it to market proves the FDA has no care in public health.)

The One Market the Fed Hopes You Won't Find Out About
(Some explanation of the Derivative Debacle and advice going forward. Like it or not
money is part of our life, for now. It is on everyone's mind so it needs to be
addressed as part of our current life.)

The 2012 Story - The Truth About Reality, In 2 Parts
(20 minutes of video with a lifetime of information. This video is worth sharing with
everyone you know. I post many startling articles and make brisk statements on this
site not to create fear but to awaken readers to take charge of their personal path and
understand how we all are living in a controlled illusion whose influence is on the
cusp of collapsing. Thank you Carol for sending me this video to share here.)

Scientists Say Nothing Unusual About 2010 Quake Activity
(It all depends on how you look at the data. There is plenty of evidence proving
this is the most active period ever recorded. The USGS is a government agency so
they have to follow the mandated PR to not excite the natives. They, are only
following orders but we can think for ourselves and read between the lines.)

Why Humans Believe That Better Things Come to Those Who Wait
(Read the article then correlate the information to what we are doing with raising
our consciousness.)

Bayer Admits GMO Contamination Out Of Control
(We as consumers DO HAVE a say in what WE EAT. Live like you care what you put
in to your body.)

Food Inc. To Be Shown On PBS's Point Of View April 21st
(This is one show to not miss. Watch the short trailer at the link, now.)

Propaganda EXPOSED
Drinking Tap Water May Help You Avoid Dentist's Drill

(Fluoride prohibits our pineal gland from secreting DMT the natural body compound
which enables our ability think outside of ourselves in our attempts to obtain higher
consciousness. To put it simply, fluoride has been added to our drinking supply to
curb our greater abilities. Read the linked article below and watch the videos
for more insights.)

(Hang on to your emotions boys and girls you may feel a bit goofy on Thursday.)

Food For Thought: Organic Grub Worth Buying?
(When considering the options, more info will help with your decisions.)

Spanking Kids Can Make Them More Aggressive Later
(If it was in your childhood then here is a reason to break from that tradition
of mental and physical pain.)

Obama: Risks Of Terrorist Nuclear Attack Have Gone Up
(We made a difference by electing him into office only to hear the same rhetoric
as our previous leader. There is substantial evidence of the CIA's involvement
literally in the creation of Al Qaeda which goes back many years. I guess Obama
doesn't get on the net much anymore or those who are controlling the fear machine
now have him in their firm belief. There is an excellent book to read by a Pentagon
strategist named Thomas P.M. Barnett. His book titled "The Pentagons New Map"
outlines why if this country is to survive it needs conflict to remain a valued
world player. This was probably Bush's play book and now we appear to be living by
it again. Your elevated consciousness is more important now than before and to a
high degree is a counter affecting tool. We are doing good work and seeing results
with higher consciousness, do not cave in to the fear.)

Rare "Cardinal Climax" Planetary Alignment, says Veteran Sky Watcher
(Very interesting days ahead. This researcher has a number of on target forecasts
under his belt. We shall see what August has in store for us, we may be in for
a bumpy ride.)

After Haiti Visit, Congresswoman Says She Saw No Sign Of Red Cross
(This may be a wake up call for your future donations. Give from the heart but
think with your head if you decide on a gesture to make you feel better.)

Tainted Produce More Likely For Shoppers In Low-Income Neighborhoods
(Simple precautions can save you from serious food related illness.)

Requesting Healing From The Higher Dimensions
(It would seem that healing is not a poor persons option. In fact, access to intuitive
healers is quite expensive and is out of reach for many people who wish to utilize what
others with greater means have come to respect and see results from. We are all similar
creatures and we all deserve equal access to the knowledge that is unfolding during this
time. This short presentation will guide you with an affirmation and follow up to access
the healing abilities in all of us. Most intuitive healers will also instruct you in a
somewhat similar technique as a follow up routine after you write them a check.
Have a pad and pen ready to take notes. This is good stuff.)

Battery Technology Could Power Homes for Pennies Per Kilowatt Hour
(Great new for anyone interested in getting off the grid.)

House Of Rothschild: No One Can Understand What Has Happened
To The Planet Without Reading This
(As you sit there scratching your head wondering how it ever got like this in
your life, this should help you with some of the answers.)

If Mainstream Medicine Really Works, Why Are Americans So Unhealthy?
(Medicine is no different than any other business. The more people they heal the fewer
patrons they would have for their wares and services. Keeping people sick and wanting
is how they will stay in business. Medical practice has its place in emergency situations,
it is the slow death and draining of all assets which is reprehensible and will not have a
place in society for very much longer.)

Radio Interview With Charlotte Gerson,
(Charlotte's father, Dr. Max Gerson, discovered a cure for cancer and other
diseases over 60 years ago. Dr. Gerson died in 1959 and Charlotte Gerson
carries on his work. The Gerson Therapy is about healing from the inside out
through diet--and not chemotherapy and radiation. She has been a guest on many
radio and television shows, including Oprah. She speaks frankly about the FDA,
AMA, American Cancer Society and the greed involved in the business of cancer.
Charlotte's father, Dr. Gerson, was ridiculed by the medical community for his
alternative methods of healing cancer and other diseases. You can listen to the
live show at on Tuesday, April 13 at 3:00 (mountain time).
Just click on the "Listen Now" button on the main page. The show will be archived
on the website shortly after the show.)

Whistleblowers Come Forward On Gold Scam
World Gold Fraud Exposed
(This will be seen as the biggest scam in history and it is just coming to center stage.
This is even too hot for the networks to mention right now. Let the link load and start
the audio interview. The whistleblowers are being interviewed firsthand.)

(Other news source with printed info on these revelations.)

The American Workplace: Sweatshop USA
(Long article which covers many different insightful points. Scan-read and pick what
interests you, but it is definitely worth scan-reading.)

Are Doctors Knowledgeable About Herbal Medicines?
(You already know the answer to this question, but how much they don't know and what
they think they know may surprise you.)

Big Brother Pre-Crime Quiz Used On Children
(Talk about social profiling. This British community must be the most paranoid group
in the world. Where do these people get their ideas . . don't bother, we already
know the answer to that one. But this could be the template for others to follow.)

You Are Where You Live
(Ok, so how long have we lived outside of the cave? Academia is finally awakening to
something we have known among ourselves for a very long time. Should be interesting
to see where this will go. Would like to read the followup report.)

The Great Con Job
(Here is a 12 min msnbc video following the money and deception of the Sting Operation
we have become patsy's to. The Fed Reserve and global bankers have looted the system
with a payloader.)

Computer-Enhanced Vision Adds A 'Sixth Sense'
(The 'sixth sense' term here may be incorrect, should be more in line with 'I-robot'.
And to think there was a world conference dedicated to just such technology.
For what ever reason their is a race to yet further invade the human body.)

Psychiatrists Say That Being Angry Is A Mental Illness
(Sounds like they are attempting to drum up some business for themselves. Put everyone on
their couch then give them a prescription to take the edge off. "See you again in two weeks".)

The Micro Chipping of Americans?
Relevant clauses of the House and Senate Health Bills
(Apparently neither side of the debate thought this was important enough to make
an issue of. Take notice sheeple, this is nasty business and it has just entered the room.)

The Worst-Kept Secret In Haiti: The UN's Cruise Ship Hotel
(Hhhhmmmm and expletives.)

(This is not far off history. We are living with these results today. This is an interesting
series of articles to follow the money and deceit.)

Dr Rima - The Globalist Agenda
(Here is someone with the first hand experience of speaking with an 'elite' and now
disclosing that conversation. Agenda 21 is at the core here. This is not BS.)

More Financial Bubbles Ahead In The US Housing Market
(This article covers much more than the housing issue. Good insights on the
regime of greed and trail to the puppeteers.)

2010 Predictions from ... Beyond.
(Many of us have been working for some time on raising our consciousness. This video
may be reassuring that our personal work is about to pay off. Thank you Linda for
sending this to share.)

Pedophilia in the Catholic Church: Coverup Operation At The Vatican?
(I do not take any joy in posting this but it may be a sign that the power center
of Christianity is caving in upon itself and by its own hand, so to speak.)

Armed With Information, People Make Poor Choices, Study Finds
(You can lead'em to water . . . An earlier post here reported how our culture has
become accustomed to immediate gratification programming due to the fast food
industry. Once you set Pavlov's dog on a trend it spreads to all areas of life.)

GM Crops Cause Liver And Kidney Damage
(More reasons to pay attention to what you pick up at the grocery and sign any
petitions that are being circulated. This is genocide and a planned obsolesce
of the 'useless eaters' as Kissinger has called us.)

Are Veterans Being Given Deadly Cocktails for PTSD? Part 1
(If you are taking these drugs it may be time for a higher source opinion.)

Coalition Wants US Privacy Law Revamped for Internet Age
(Sounds like a good idea to me. May reduce a lot of the stress/drama created by the last
regime in the White House.)

Using Essential Oils To Fight Superbugs
(Now here is an alternative that needs more publicity.)

Checkbook Journalism a Growing Trend
(Unfortunately it has come to this. So everything does indeed have its price. Tactics once
attributed to the scandalous National Enquirer are now mainstream practice.)

How to Avoid Olive Oil Deceptions that Harm Health
(We use a lot of olive oil thinking it the healthier choice. If you do also, this may
be worth a read.)

YouTube Redesigns Website To Keep Viewers Captivated
(I especially find the last sentence of this article astounding.)

An Archaeological Mystery in a Half-Ton Lead Coffin
(I hope they truthfully share what was buried there. It may not even be human.)

Len Horowitz Files Pandemic Charges Against Rockefeller
(This is huge and could blow the lid off a wider surfacing of historical facts which
the Rockefeller crime family would rather prefer not be known.)

Single Gene Dramatically Boosts Yield, Sweetness in Tomato Hybrids
(Does this deserve being called a GMO? I'm not sure, what do you think? In the early 70's near
my home in Connecticut the Uniroyal corporation had research farms which among many things grew
tomatoes nearly the size of basketballs. Friends of mine broke into the fenced fields and grabbed
some as proof. No one dared eat them. I may put this article in front of those in the know to
get their feedback.)

FDA Suppressed Scan Safety Fears, Staffer Says
(The FDA system is broken and needs to be reinvented. It may have become polluted because of its
incestuous labor pool, meaning its top people are from the very corporations they are supposed to
regulating. Those guardians of our safety are on a sort of sabbatical, leaving their corporate
positions to work for the FDA then after a stint there go back to their private corporate
positions. Sort of like doing volunteer work with ulterior motives, this must end.)

Limit Fluoride to Prevent Lead Poisoning, Study Says
(More compelling evidence to stop using fluoride toothpaste and also buy a drinking
water purifier that removes this toxic chemical.)

Spiegel: 2009 swine flu pandemic a boost for Big Pharma
(Feel vindicated if you declined the swine flu shot this last go around. There is another
similar pandemic ploy not far off in our future. When it arrives, this also will be dealt
with accordingly. We as humans are not alone in this, there are others watching out for our
better interest. This article does not say anything to that affect. But be assured, they are there.)

From The Too Funny To Pass Up Dept.:
1980's Video Icon Glows On Saturn Moon
(I knew this would come back to haunt us. LOL)

Welcome To The Anthropocene
(Well the new age also has a new geologic name. Interesting how so many smart people in
the world can not tie it all together and agree we are on the top of a cresting wave about
to hit the beach.)

Exposure to Fast Food Can Make Us Impatient
(So in the end, we really are just a bunch of Pavlov puppies. But that doesn't mean we
have to live that way forever.)

2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther (1 of 2)
(WOW. You are not going to see or read any more insightful information than this.
This presentation contains what needs to be known RIGHT NOW. This video is in two
parts. The first part is over 40 mins. long. Make for a comfortable time and pay
close attention. This is a gift for your life and now is the time to WAKE UP.)

Eating Processed Food Leads to Depression
(More reasons to resist that fast food take out.)

Sacred Geometry And Its Practical Uses
(This is not a link to an article but to a site which explains how Sacred Geometry is an
important tool in engaging the abilities of our pineal gland. Many videos here help to
explain the underlying powers connected with this ancient knowledge. I have downloaded
a couple of the very inexpensive images and am using them around our home. Much
information to consider here. This just may be a great tool for your benefit.)

Murder, Spies and Voting Lies (2007)
(Here is a video you will NEVER see on network TV. It is a documentary on the computer
voting machine rigging. The people who wrote the code speak before the camera. Many
insights here. Well worth the time to see this. Thank you Kat for sending this to
my attention.)

Transcendental Meditation: Military Application Gaining Acceptance
(A very radical approach to warding off enemies, real or perceived. The Pentagon has
for decades used remote viewing as a means of reconnoissance so this application may
not be too far off the charts for consideration. Sounds good for me, would sure make
the recruiting films a lot less violent.)

Pharma Backed Australian of the Year Psychiatrist Wants “Pre-Drugging” Of Kids
(Here is Big Pharma's dream spokesperson. I don't think it can get any more ridiculous
than this. This may not come to pass and there are plans like this which should never
see the light of day that are put before the public, testing the waters of gullibility.
Stay informed and be aware.)

Install Your Own Solar Hot Water System In A Weekend
(This is not rocket science but you will have to use your mind and get your hands dirty.
The pay back on savings differ across the country so a little upfront research will do
a lot of good towards your expectations.)

Tryptophan-Enriched Diet Reduces Pig(?) Aggression
(Many medical alternatives are first tested on pigs before going on to being considered for use
in human consumption. When reading this article replace the word 'pig' with 'human' and start
connecting the dots for yourself. Progress through science but for whose benefit?)

The Power Elite And The Secret Nazi Plan: Part 11
(Next installment in this revealing set of articles. You can go back with the embedded links to
read the earlier articles of this eyeopening series. This is not fiction or to be feared but a
trail of who, when and wow.)

Propaganda EXPOSED:
Baxter And Its Foundation Expand Access . .
(Remember, Baxter was at the center of the investigation last year involving altered swine flu
vaccines in central Europe. Now they have been singled out as "good citizens" within the Big
Pharma community. Also read an earlier Baxter story I posted on 6-25-09, Journalist Files
Charges Against WHO and UN . . )

Nano-Based RFID Tags Could Replace Bar Codes
(An interesting article on the state of the art(?) of this technology. Well into it you can learn
how this new twist will be activated at will for the entire time you may possess the item as one
of your belongings. After I pay for something it is NO ONES business what I do with it or where it
may be there after. There is a new scrambler device for RFID's becoming available and I'll have
info here on where to buy it as that info becomes available.)

Optimism Strengthens Your Immune System
(Bottom line; negative feelings bring on stress and stress lowers our immune system. When our immune
systems are lowered, dormant diseases are activated in our bodies and we ALL have diseases that are idle
in our bodies. GMO foods, aspartame sweetener and other seemingly innocent things we ingest every day are
making sure we get our fair share of planned obsolescence.)

40 Percent of Surface Disinfectants Ineffective
(Keep it simple and don't be fooled. The oldest is still the best.)

Census Is For Counting Not Prying
(This article not only addresses the census but a few other topical concerns also with
links to good info..)

Full C-SPAN Archives Now Online
(A resource for anyone who may want to dig (a little) deeper on their own. There is a link to
the gov site. I tried to search a Thomas Barnett program I watched on C-Span a few years ago.
No results. It may have been too hot to post or some other reason, it was not there. The
program was a presentation made at the Pentagon. Subject, the Pentagons new role in world
affairs. This was a jaw dropping program for me. Fortuantely you can still read the book
by Thomas Barnett,'The Pentagons New Map'. It has been the play book used for our 'false flags'
over the last 10 years)

Texas Conservatives Win Curriculum Change
(Rewriting history, one page at a time. Now each state can decide not only what will be
included in their course books but how the facts will be massaged. The power of the
information age is not necessarily a good thing.)

Chinese Fluoride In Mass. Water Raises Concern
(It has been clinically proven that fluoride coats the pineal gland in the brain with a
shell like substance. Our pineal gland serves to allow us access to higher forms of reasoning
and mental abilities to expanded self-awareness. There are a number of studies supporting this
and also insightful easy to follow videos on YouTube explaining the function of this part of our
brains. Water filters are available on the net for removing fluoride and they connect right to your
kitchen sink in 15 minutes. We have used one for two years now and we also use a fluoride free
toothpaste. I believe this change has aided our cognitive abilities.)
(Here is a link to a collection of YouTube videos on the pineal gland.)

China Takes Over From West As Iran's Main Economic Partner
(This is pretty interesting. China has teamed up with Iran. Could a new cold (hot) war
be very far off?)

Shocking Vitamin D Report
(High Vitamin A intake negates the value of Vitamin D.)

Fire The Grid, Part III
(Listen to the March 6th interview with Shelley Yates. You can find the interview at
the link below then 'Updates' on the left menu bar. The final 'Fire The Grid' is being
scheduled. This interview reveals what it will be focused on. Good Stuff.)

"Be Your Soul"
(This is a YouTube video message from an entity and guide called Veronica via an
Open Deep Trance Channel named April Crawford. You can get free periodic notices
of more of these at her site. This one explains the benefits of going inward as
in meditation. You can think of voices from our soul as our Intuition.)

FBI Going Undercover On Social Media Sites
(Spilling your guts or just off the cuff remarks just may get you some visitors with dark
glasses and poor sense of humor. We live in a country and times of high paranoia, FYI.)

Bees Are Busier Than Ever As Disease Besieges Colonies
(On face value this story may not seen to warrant any concern. It's when you consider the
role in our food chain these creatures play that this article has greater ramifications.
We are all dependent and interrelated. Respect nature and don't be as quick on the draw
to spray pesticides on anything that flies, they may be working to keep you alive. How
about having a hive or two in you yard, that could be a pretty interesting hobby.)

Why Surprises Temporarily Blind Us
(This could also explain why so many people refuse to consider what they see as 'conspiratory'
theories. Meaning, the presentation of new information which is contradictory to closely held
beliefs are such a shock to a persons 'comfort' zone that they are not able to process the new
information. So it may not be that they are being closed minded but instead that they do not
have the physical ability to process the conflicting incongruous information. It just may be
too cognitively demanding for their minds to do so.)

Third Seed Shipment Sent to Norway Seed Vault by USDA
(Seems like a lot of money and effort. Bill Gates also has an interest($) in this effort.
This is an international project. Could they know more about our future than we do?)

NWO Eugenics to Global Depopulation
(A very recent three part YouTube video. GET EDUCATED. This is real and has been happening
for a very long time. Note who the players are, global bankers and large foundations in
America. This is planned obsolescence of the human species and the elites are calling
the shots. I have read much about on this subject and this video is not propaganda.)

This Common Food Ingredient Is As Addictive as Cocaine?
(There is a saying, we are what we eat. But remember, we also become affected by what we eat.)

Southern Poverty Law Center Takes Aim at Camp FEMA & Others
(This article looks at the essence of how public opinion is influenced by fear and lack of
understanding. The website it is on is loaded with articles which ask questions of where
this country appears to be headed and identifies how it is being accomplished. There are
big plans for our future and many of them are not very pretty. But that does not mean we
should stick our heads in the sand and hope for the best. If you do, then you will get what
you deserve. These issues will and are affecting your life.)

Getting WISE About Nemesis, aka Nibiru?
(Clues are slowly coming forward and scientist are dancing around the subject probably for
fear of causing panic or loosing their hard to come by jobs. They have given this object
a number of different names which may serve to dilute the focus when a writer only
refers to one of the aka's in an article. The bottom line is this globe is quickly
heading our way, just as it has on previous occasions.)

Scientist Finding Many Negative Impacts Of Roundup Ready GM Crops
(If you have been paying attention to the GMO information this is also
a good article for you to read. If not, this is a good one to start with.)

Looming Crisis: America's Credit Card Debt Bubble-Burst
(Good analysis of the yuppie generation and when the good times rolled.)

Organic Consumer Association: Website
(Great site to receive free occasional updates to stay informed on what is happening
in the food industry. There is a lot going on we never hear about on the 'news'.)

Vitamin D Crucial To Activating Immune Defenses
(This is new information on Vitamin D's role in triggering the immune system into action.)

Five Ways to Help Beat Depression Without Antidepressants
(Antidepressants don't work to remove the cause of the depression. They dull the senses
from operating properly in addressing the core issue(s). Read all the way to the bottom
of the article to the five points of what does work. The first one on the list is critical
to not only removing depression but also in attaining greater consciousness.)

GMO-Free is Fastest Growing Retail Brand
(The public is not accepting GMO's, there is power in our choices.)
(Here's a link to a pdf file for Non-GMO shopping choices.)

The Power Elite And The Secret NAZI Plan: Part 10
(This is our history. Take notice of the roles Truman, Nixon, Kissinger,
Allen Dulles (CIA) and Rockefeller play. Recognize the path of evil, the
players and it all comes together in a perverse awakening.)

The Fall of Greece: Yes, It Really Is A Capitalist Plot
(Again, Goldman Sachs plays a central role in the demise of a nations monetary system.
Keep in mind, Goldman Sachs is a major holding of the Rothschild empire.)

Island Beekeepers Warn Of Crisis: 90 Per Cent Of Colonies Wiped Out
(It is widely accepted that bees are critical for their pollinating role in our
complex crop growing cycle. It is also known that our fresh food supply would
collapse in just a few months without their contribution.)

Huge Methane Leak In Arctic Ocean
(Very significant factor in global warming. The earth is doing its share.)

IMF "Economic Medicine" Comes to America
(This is a good one to sharpen your knowledge on this money game.)

Transcendental Meditation Activates Default Mode Network,
The Brain's Natural Ground State
(Meditating will open our ability to achieve and understand higher awareness
of our selves, a critical step to enabling our evolution. The elite are placing
great pressures (financial and subliminal) upon us and meditation is a means of
rising above, that we 'see' between the lines and not get caught up in the fears
being perpetrated upon the mass consciousness.)

Over 250 Significant Earthquakes in Past 7 Days (2/28/2010)
(That was over a week ago and their still occurring every day. When the volcano's
start, that's gonna be a heck of a show.)

US Airports Expand Passenger Full-Body Screening
(Be polite, stay cool but ask for a pat-down alternative to subjecting yourself to
this device. The effects of this device will weaken your healthy immune system and
affect a compromised immune system to an even greater degree. It's your life
and you have a right to protect it. Don't be among the 'sheeple'.)

Banned in 160 Nations… Yet U.S. FDA Regards it as Safe?
(We are being poisoned by the very foods and people we trust to protect our health.
But there are a few things we can do for ourselves to avoid this fate.)

The Effects Of Patient Attitudes On Patient Outcomes
(Our mind truly does determine all aspects of our internal health.)

Greek Economy In a Shambles— Is America Next?
(Here again the Rothschild family and Goldman Sachs are directly implicatied. More
insights are surfacing from all sides. The banksters baited knowing full well they
would reel in a lot more than interest on a loan.)

When Drugs Cause Disease
(Just released, 2nd edition of Drug-Induced Diseases: Prevention, Detection
and Management. Unfortunately this book is worded for the medical trade. Makes
me wonder how many will actually read it. Though, you may bring it to the
attention of anyone you know in the medical field. It may help in your care.)

Shopping For Happiness? Get A Massage, Forget The Flat-Screen TV
(Sounds good to me.)

Bishops Offer Help With Senate
(Be afraid, be very afraid. The government and big religion are going to save your soul
whether you like it or not.)

Study Says Undersea Release of Methane Is Under Way
(The earth is evolving in its own natural plan and many believe it to also now
protecting itself from man's contributions to upsetting its balance. We do not
own the earth, humans are merely visitors allowed to enjoy its beauty.)

Source In Artifact Case Apparently Commits Suicide
(Now a 3rd suicide(?) in this case of ancient artifacts in Utah. Someone really doesn't
want these artifacts to come into public knowledge. Giants once lived in this part of Utah
and they were very sophisticated by our standards. Someone wants buried history to remain
that way so as to not alter the understanding of our true history.)

Misleading Health-Food Claims
(Regulation here is not as strict as what you might believe it to be.)

The Philippines Triples Its Rice Yield
(Not a word mentioned here about any GMO, Monsanto or BASF. The farmers
appear to have done this with their own intelligence.)

Dirty Secrets of Farmed Salmon
(Even Target Stores are refusing to sell it. Read your labels. The farming
of this wonderful fish appears to be leading to the extinction of the species
and also contributing to our poor health. Costco and the Kroger group of stores
are still offering farmed salmom to their customers. If we don't buy it, they
won't buy it for us either.)

Don't Make That Face At Me!
(The mental emotional effects of confrontation and stress last for days after
the unpleasant experience and affect how you act and even what you eat. This
article may lend insight to what you may be doing to your self and open to a
path of understanding how you 'tick'.)

Evidence for Abrupt Climate Change
(It happened before so it can happen again.)

RNC Document Mocks Donors, Plays On 'Fear'
(These are the tools used by those who are most fearful of change. They
will use these methods even on their own group because they fear loosing
what they think is their position of power and control. This is a perfect
example of arrogance and abuse of power.)

Fury As Brussels Authorizes Genetically Modified Potatoes
(Monsanto and BASF are the main perpetrators in this Frankenfood scheme.
What is ridiculous here is that an argument is being made that some of the
food will only be used in animal feed. This is diseased reasoning.)

Software Sniffs out Criminals by the Shape of Their Nose
(The paranoia control machine is getting weirder all the time. Soon street
corner cameras will look at our faces and target us for pickup by the
'snoot patrol'. "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro", HST.)

Teens Glued To TV, Games Screens Less Close To Family
(These are the main sources of subliminal programming in our society. A
detachment is occurring from emotional heartfelt family ties and realigning
that devotion to dominanting authority figures who feed aggression for
adrenalin stimulation. And many social scientists play dumb as to the
cause of our 'killing' society.)

Propaganda EXPOSED:
America's Deadliest Sweetener Betrays Millions,
Then Hoodwinks You With Name Change
(Not long ago I posted here an article about the aspartame name change. Here
is more insight. They can run but they can not hide from truth seekers. Take
note of the name change and READ YOUR LABELS.)

Fish Oil Is No Snake Oil
(In a dumbing down world, Omega-3 has proven to raise intelligence scores
by 7%. Every little bit helps.)

VIDEO: New Independent 9/11 Investigation
(This grand deception will not go away. There are cracks in the official porcelain
finish of our governments story. As Daddy Bush has said and I quote, "If the
American people knew what we have done, they would hang us from the light
poles". The times they are a changin.)

Britons 'Could Be Microchipped Like Dogs In A Decade'
(Already in use in the USA to follow HUMANS and allow access to secured areas.)

10 Reasons to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods
(Be informed and make choices to stay healthy and alive. GMO's will contribute to
infertility, onset of deadly diseases and quality of life in whole. It's your life,
don't sit around and wait for someone else to make it better for you.)

Propaganda EXPOSED:
Biotech Crops Are Top Choice For World's Farmers
(This is how it works. Write an article supporting a lie then have an industry leader
rubber stamp their endorsement. Then future articles spread the lie by referring back to
the original articles publication, and the snowball grows from there. This is a classic
means of fooling the public with lies. Once there are enough articles in circulation
supporting the lie the larger mass media latch on and broadcast the story as truth
because so many articles have been written about it, it must be true. I posted a
minor conflicting comment to the above articles source site and they refused to post it.
Guess who is steering that ship. When GMO's create disease, Big Pharma will be there
with the drugs to make you 'feel' better.)

Taking Root: The Developing World Embraces A Controversial Technology
(The article doesn't mention the $ corruption of these governments to push this type of
crop seed upon the farmers. In some cases there are no other options to plant at all. The
Monsanto Frankenfood machine is in full speed ahead mode.)

Oppose Obama's Monsanto Man For US Agricultural Trade Representative
(If the two articles above don't raise your ire then you must still be using fluoride
toothpaste. Here is an article about the guy Obama is running up the flagpole to usher
in Monsanto's agenda for the worlds food supply. Click it and add your name to say NO.)

McCain Bill Threatens Access To Vitamins And Supplements
(Take two minutes and use the link at the bottom of the article to send a
click and send form letter to not let this happen.)

Debt Dynamite Dominoes: The Coming Financial Catastrophe
(This is a very long and detailed article. I read all of it and can say it was worth
the time spent. The names of those responsible and the roles they have played in this
preparation for the New World Order makes this read like a documentary on the fall of
a great civilization which unfortunately has been the plan of the elite financial fascists.
If you have a short attention span, you can scroll down for topic headlines that spark
your interest. If you care to understand how we came to be in this mess and where it is
headed then read all of it. It is an eye opener.)

Belief in a Caring God Improves Response to Medical Treatment for Depression
(Now if they would take the big leap and say that there is a part of God
in each of us then they would really have a story here.)

Media Harming People's Body Image Say Psychiatrists
(May trigger a larger movement of interest. But the media and market researchers
have known for many decades that creating shame and self-consciousness within
ourselves always keeps us chasing the carrot of a false perfection. It is a
basic tool they have used to perfection and profits for them and lowered
self-esteem for the masses. Constant ads for 'more' and 'better' over time
have maintained us as junkies to our own disillusioned psyches. We are our
unique selves. Enjoy your unique being and see how good your life can be.)

Farmers Wrangle Over Organic Dairy Standards
(Bottom line, GMO's are the 'seeds' for a shortened life span. At the end of
the chain is the human body and what we take into our bodies determines if we
maintain healthy lives. We are and become influenced by what we eat.)

New World Order Video - The Final Solution #1 of 3
(Saw this video when it came out some time ago. Thank you Linda for
bringing it back to my attention that we may share and spread it here.
It may start off slow but quickly builds and supports what I have come
to know and understand.)

Will Walmart, Not Whole Foods, Save The Small Farm and Make America Healthy?
(Can a 400 pound gorilla change its ways? This in depth article may shed a
new light on some of Walmart's practices.)

Corporate Baking Giant Sara Lee Hijacks Organics
(More food for thought.)

Ice Shelves Disappearing on Antarctic Peninsula
(Global Warming 'snowball' effect. The earth is changing and
will continue do so as part of its and our evolution.)

The Census Is Getting Personal
(This is an expose' of the Census Bureau. This video itemizes the
fundamental legal questions that the Census Bureau refuses or fails
to answer about its collection and use of personal information from every
American (see questions below). This program aired on Matrix News Network
(syndicated national television) in January of 2010. There is more to read
about the census to the right side the video under the authors photo box.)

Legendary Populist Historian Eustace Mullins Dies
(Here was a patriot of great insight who probably never made it to the TV talk
circuit less Oprah's book of the month club. Some of his used titles are selling
on Amazon for hundreds of dollars. Read his material and understand why we are
in a financial rats hole.)

WHO Recommends H1N1 Be Added To Next Year's Seasonal Flu Virus
("If they have the vaccine strain which is already made up and can be used, then
they're ahead of the game," They are going to blend this into the 'normal' yearly
flu shot. So, one way or another they are going to make sure this terrible vaccine
will be put into unsuspecting bodies. Stay healthy and eat your 4,000 IU D3 vitamins.)

Family Violence Survivors Empowered By Resilience Therapy
(Very few of us can say from our heart we have not been influenced by one sort of
trauma or another during our lives. But that doesn't mean we have to wear it around
our neck like an albatross for our lifetime. "helping people focus on their abilities
instead of their problems increases their motivation and will to succeed." We are all
blessed with 'abilities' from birth. Recognizing and using whatever they are will
guarantee our internal comfort and raise our spiritual awareness during this time
of 'The big Shift'. As a matter fact using your abilities will be your key to
making it through this period of change.)

Seeds of Destruction: The Geopolitics of GM Food
(Though this article is from 2005, it is an excellent trail of who, how and why
Genetically Modified foods (GM) are in OUR food supply. Our education of these
crimes against humanity will enable your power to make better choices for
yourself and YOUR future. Thank you both, Karen and Carol for sending me
the link to this article.)

Gerald Celente : This is a Total Financial Meltdown
and it is only going to get worse
(Gerald Celente has been a respected trend forecaster for the last few decades.
This lack of mumbo jumbo audio interview is insightful as well as foretelling.
This is solid factual information and not scare tactics.)

Plans To Alter History Lessons Spark Outrage In N.C.
(So this is how it works. The foot soldiers for the elite change what is taught in
schools as the elite massage the printed 'facts', eventually aligning minds with their
agenda. N.C. is only one of a number of battlegrounds where this is occurring. Sadly,
those pushing for the changes on the local level don't even know they are being

How Education is Deliberately Dumbing You Down
(Here is a whistleblower from the Reagan Administration. Why, how and where
the tactics were initiated to remove true education from our society.)

Could Higher Levels Of Vitamin D Cut The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes?
(More insight into Vitamin D3 can be read on this site in the 'To D or Not To D'
section on this site. Button on left column.)

U.S. Government Wants Farmers To Spread Toxic Powder From Coal Plant
Scrubbers On Their Food Crop Fields
(By lacing the soil with toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic they
are consumed by the plants and passed into our foods. This is the depth the planning has
gone to poison us. The Bush regime instigated this scheme and Rumsfeld was and still is a
Big Pharma company officer. They can make us sick and they've got the drugs to sell
us to make us think we are getting well. And if a few of us die along the way, oh well,
there are too many people running around anyway.)

Spiritual Wickedness In High Places
(This is a very good summation of what has been going on in the collusion of
religion and state. He mentions 'the Crown' but falls short in not mentioning
the 'Crown' is the bank of the the 'elite' Rothschild family.)

Descartes Was 'Poisoned By Catholic Priest'
(I wonder if this will make it into the rewriting of history books. DNA
testing may prove this one way or the other. Will keep this on the radar
for further information. Drop me a note if anyone sees more info regarding
this intriguing story.)

The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement.
(I have not until now posted any information regarding 9/11. Everyday those responsible
for terrible crimes against humanity are being exposed for who they are. Now one of
the greatest hoaxes of our time is about to come apart at the seams. Catch up here
if you have become numbed by the corporate medias complicity in this grand lie.)

Elites Now Using Genetically Modified Foods As Fear Tool
(There is nothing out of consideration in forcing the genetically modified food agenda.
Those in power, the elites, will do whatever it takes to reduce the planets population.
People will procreate and this has always been difficult to control. What can be controlled
in one way or another is the amount of time a person stays on the planet. Just remember,
what we put in our bodies determines the health and how long a 'quality' life will last.)

Propaganda EXPOSED:
Article About 'Bogus Bars Of Gold' Was Bogus In Itself
(Last week on the 9th I posted an article here about the U.S. shipping
'gold plated' bars of gold to China. Yesterday I found out this story
was created as misinformation. The story appeared at a few other 'trusted'
sites which goes to show that we need to check deeper sources of shocking
information. I have removed the link to the article.)

People Have Power to Beat 'Money Trust'
(This is one of the best actions we can take to start taking back our
money system. It is easy, safe and empowering to ourselves and our
communities. Are they FDIC insured? Find out for yourself.)

Aspartame Has Been Renamed, Now Marketed as a Natural Sweetener
(This is called deception. Take a known carcinogen, change its name and the
the public will have to reeducate awareness about the new name. The game goes on.)

Alien Contact / MIB - Tonopah, Arizona
(For those of you with an interest in UFO's and alien contact, here is a recent
article sent my way by a reader.)

China PLA Officers Urge Economic Punch Against U.S.
(That world politics is a chess game without rules is a given fact. Now that the
Chinese are openly talking about 'punishing the Obama administration' is like
lighting the wick on a tit-for-tat game. Here are a few of their words "attack by
oblique means and stealthy feints". Sounds like an old James Bond movie but this is
where it's going. Reuters is the source of this article and remember, Reuters is
owned by the Rothschild family so they write and distribute to fit their agenda.)

Film 'Proving Bible True' Getting Major Expansion
(As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the religion machine is ramping up their dogma
and crafting their PR message to meet their market and times we live in.)

Look What They're Erasing From U.S. History!
(The people instigating this are the puppets of the elite. They even want to
remove the word 'American' and replace it with 'global citizen'. This is a
deliberate action to erase this countries history and 'dumb down' our youth
by a suppression of the facts. This attempt is subversive.)

(Deep in the article is mentioned that there are 2,600 Chinese fronted business
groups operating in the U.S.. What this means could have some bearing on our
path to loosing our internet freedoms and in a declared state of emergency or
'false flag' event the net could be shut down to all access.)

Cell Phones are Dangerous, But This May Be Far Worse...
(EMF's or 'dirty electricity' will take its toll on your health but there are devices
that will counter those electrical frequencies. Google "emf blocking devices" and
find out what would best suite your needs and budget. It is not difficult to be safe.)

The Sacared Awakening Series
(Take advantage of this rare FREE series of online lectures. 40 speakers
over 40 days. Pick and choose your interest and expand your understanding.)

The Fort Knox Conundrum: Chinese Bogus Bars Of Gold Traced To U.S.
(This story has been revealed as false in its claims. Its writer may have been
attempting to create undue stress, panic or damage the integrity of such
transactions. I have removed the link so not to add to the propaganda.)

Breast Cancer Virtually "Eradicated" With Higher Levels Of Vitamin D
(I covered the incredible powers of Vitamin D3 in the section 'To D Or
Not To D' on this site. Here is further proof.)

Disinformation Tactics: The Methods Used (by the elite) To Keep You In The Dark
(Excellent article detailing methods used everyday in our lives.)

(The devil is in the details and they run deep with the series on this subject.
Familiarize yourself with history as it always leads to the present.
Pretty enlightening material here.)

Legal Experts Slam 'Targeted Killings' of US Citizens
(This is a return to Stalin era tactics of the USSR. One day you go to work
and never return home. Judge . . Jury and Executioner. The bigger problem is
that the CIA trains the terrorist. This is the change we get?)

Senate Provision Could Benefit Biotech Industry
(Now the gov. is bailing out Big Pharma to make sure you are not without
more needless 'Prime Time' drugs. Step up and say NO where you can.)

Vermont Gift Ban Signed Into Law
(High praise for Vermont.)

Don't Buy It: Keep Cloned Meat off Grocery Shelves
(This is from the Institute for Responsible Technology site. If you are not already a
subscriber, it's free. Understand what is happening 'outside' of the reported news.)

Global Ocean Protection Measures Have Failed
(Perhaps eliminating plastic from a majority of consumer products would help.)

Unplugged: Goodbye Cables, Hello Energy Beams
(Nikola Tesla had it right over a hundred years ago. Then Thomas Edison,
J.P. Morgan and Lord Rothchild swindled it away, realizing they could hold
this technology hostage while exploiting the worlds population.)

Continuous Chest Compression CPR - Mayo Clinic Presentation
(Spreading this information has become important to me since confronted with
the need to perform this last summer. You can easily save someone's life.)

Important Project Camelot Interview, worth the time watching.
(Special OP's whistleblower speaks on current Yemen activity, Gulf of Arden naval build up,
false flag Martial Law rehearsal in Pasadena and more. We are on the leading edge of
more aggressive attempts by the elites to control us by inducing fear. And our government
is one of their puppets. Be informed.)

Fast food burgers, fried chicken strongly linked to type 2 diabetes
(Mc D and the Colonel, good to the last breath.)

Krill Oil is 'Safe, Well Tolerated and Effective'
(Krill oil has been found superior to fish oil. Read your bottles to see
which omega-3's you are eating.)

(In-depth article exposing long held policy towards survival of our species.)

The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti
(No opportunity left untapped.)

Has Forbes Gone Psychotic or Taken the Blue Pill?
(Not my headline but it makes sense for the article. This is a small indicator of Forbes
being in bed with Monsanto. They are just doing their part to brainwash society.
Remember, a lie told often enough by opinion leaders will eventually be accepted
as a truth.)

Treat Depression Naturally and Avoid Harmful Drugs
(If depression is a concern of yours, here are a few herbs to perhaps consider.
Good mental health contributes to the condition of your immune system.)

Concern As China Clamps Down On Rare Earth Exports
(From the future headlines department. This may be a central reason for the anticipated
unrest with China in our future. Keep this subject in mind as tensions are expected to rise.
Follow how global powers play for dominance in the game of greed. The article below
offers additional insights on this mineral subject. This has little to do with your
spiritual enlightenment but is insightful to the folly of the time we live in.)

Earth-Friendly Elements, Mined Destructively
(Additional info supporting above article. Remember, connect the dots.)

Sorry, Uncle Sam, I Refuse to Be Ionized
(Here is an acceptable alternative to airport body scans.)

Statement From The Institute Of HeartMath Addressing Elevated Stress And Haiti
(24/7 video and talk can make you wonder when it will be our turn for such an event.
Compassion and clear thinking are important in maintaining your own health.)

Another Scientific Scandal Involving the IPCC Climate Research Group
(More evidence of climate dis-information. Change is occurring, but they're pointing
fingers at each other instead of the cosmos.)

Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny
(Article is 'tip' of information. I recently finished reading 'The Genie In Your Genes',
by Dawson Church, PHD.. Excellent insights into the new territory, easy to comprehend
with recommendations on how to address possible health issues due to your ancestry.)

U.S. Government For Sale
(In a move similar to George W. Bush being placed in office, the Supreme Court
has given corporations the go ahead to buy their favorite politician a place in
our government. A major step backwards and right before our eyes.)

The Court’s Blow to Democracy
(Even 'The New York Times' has a hard time understanding the logic of the court.
The implications are overwhelming. Just who is steering this ship?)

The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch
(This 1 hr. video connects the dots in explaining why our world is as it has become.
After viewing, copy the link and send it to everyone. This must be spread worldwide.
The video will take a moment to load from the black screen, be patient.)

Shocking U.S. Senate Hearing Confirms Dangers of Cell Phones
(Cell phone electromagnetic fields damages our DNA and causes tumors.)

The Top 10 Things Children Really Want Their Parents to Do With Them
(If you have kids, these times are as stressful for them as it is for adults. Take care
of their mental needs as well as their physical and your life will be less stressful also.)

U.S.-China Military Tensions Grow
(I have been told about this coming conflict for some time. This is one to keep tabs
on as it will be the next world drama where we will lose more of our personal freedoms.)

8 Out Of 10 People Who Care For A Relative Suffer From Anxiety And Stress
(Remember to take care of yourself also. Taking on stress and anxiety will lower your
immune system making you vulnerable to dormant diseases and virus that are in
all of our systems. Do not become your own victim.)

Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War?
(Especially take the time to read the link in the World War II section
concerning the Rockeleller/Nazi eugenic sctivities.)

The Impact Of Magnetic Pulsations On Humans And Animals
(We will be hearing a lot more about solar wind and earth's magnetic field in
the near future. Just remember to face east for the best meditation results.)

Full-Body Scanners At Airports May Damage Human DNA
(I read this article last week and checked the validity with another source of insight.
Yes, the scanners will damage the DNA of individuals with lowered immune systems and more
healthy individuals to a lesser degree. Our DNA at this time is evolving and these scans
will keep our abilities in a lowered state of enlightenment.)

New Council To 'Advise' On 'Military Activities' In U.S.
(Big step towards Marshall Law, this is not pretty.)

Obama Confidant's Spine-Chilling Proposal
(Ramping up the pressure to control what we hear and think. Been done before
but now with more devious means.)

Could Texas' Gingrich-Based High School History Curriculum Go National?
(Customizing history, one book at a time.)

An Unusual Cure From China
(Link at end of article will take you to Falun Dafa site for more insights.)

Melting Tundra Creating Vast River of Waste Into Arctic Ocean
(The earth makes its own carbon dioxide and is now releasing it.)

FTC: Record Count On Pay-For-Delay Deals
(Another short article on yesterdays "Pay" story, with names and numbers.)

State of the World 2010: From Madison Avenue to Mad Max?
(Passing of the consumerism age.)

FTC Presses For An End To 'Pay-To-Delay' Deals
(More evidence of corrupt Big Pharma money trail.)

Does the Chlorine in Tap Water Raise Your Health Risks?
(If this interests you, also read the post at 6-2-09 and 7-14-09 about Fluoride.)

Earth ‘to be wiped out’ By Supernova Explosion
(What NASA refuses to reveal. Gotta read this one all the way to the bottom for the big punch line.)

WHO Advisor Secretly Pads Pockets with Big Pharma Money
(As usual, Follow The Money.)

Glaxo Finances Documentary Film About Eating
(Big Pharma coming to a theatre near you. Now they are going to peddle their wares
as entertainment. Talk about subliminal seduction, look out for this one. I wonder
if there will be a 20 min disclosure about the drugs side effects before the film starts.)

Expert Explains the Flu Vaccine Deception and the Swine Flu Hoax
(Exposing the global players who alter our lives.)

President Gives Foreign Cops Power Over Americans
(This one may be worth your looking deeper into.)

Was Swine Flu A False Pandemic?
(Questions raised and fingers are pointed. Hope the lesson sticks. Big Pharma
lit the fuse on the panic and the WHO took the bait. In this time of The Shift, many
other devious ploys against humanity will be exposed as part of earth's cleanse.)

Science Debunked
(Challenging the agenda of science.)

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